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Behind The Niqab
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Short Description: I teach self and relationship management, and provide resources and mentoring.

Behind The Niqab is run by a counselor with years of experience in lifeskills coaching, self-development, and individual/group counseling.

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Phone Number: 289-992-6567
Country: Canada
ZIP Code: L1J8H2
Indulgent Publication & Consultancy
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A book coach helps a writer write the best book they can using three levels of support. She helps guide the work editorially, helps manage the project and gives help on an emotional level.

I’m Raheemah Odusote, your Book Coach.

I help passionate women who have important messages to share with the world, but are struggling to tell their story, to get focused and write the book of their dreams.

Phone Number: +2348057149224
Country: Nigeria
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Short Description: I love to write about my personal experience rated to fashion, beauty and life

This is mobina zahid. I am hair and fashion blogger. I am also writing about my personal experiences how to balanace deen and duniya

Phone Number: 923364397539
Country: Pakistan
ZIP Code: 5400
Medic Through My Lens
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Short Description: I’m a British Muslim medical student, currently studying at a world-class university in London.
Follow my instagram: @medic.throughmyens

My posts include religion, advice for applying to university, what life as a medical student is like, how i balance my religion and my studies (although I’m still working on this one).

This is a unique blog here for you to explore, following my journey and. I am a medic studying in the heart of the UK, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts, ups and downs, and advice with my loyal readers. I hope you can enjoy and support my journey with me!

Website Address: Medic Through My Lens
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Muslim Housewife
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Veronika al Mahdiyah, BSc (Hons) Psych (Open), is a relationship coach for busy ambitious Muslim women.

Veronika is obsessed with mindset hacks, overcoming fear, and finding the balance between personal and professional fulfilment.

Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Naila’s Diary
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Short Description: Love, Gratitude, Motivation, Positivity, Islamic Psychology & Counselling.

Motivational & Inspiring articles from everyday life with an Islamic Perspective. To help build positive individuals, families and communities to make the world a beautiful place & strive for the best in Deen, Dunya & Aakhirah.

Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
The Avant-Garde Muslimah
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Short Description: Innovative Living For The Modern Muslimah

Muslimah lifestyle blog by Rubina Hassan. Join me in learning how incorporate modern living into an Islamic Lifestyle, and a few other things such as reviews on products & places, quick and easy food recipes, and some decor, inspirational, and Islamic advises.

Country: South Africa