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Billions of people are expected to travel in 2022. With fears of COVID-19 at an all-time low, individuals are willing to go on vacation or take a business trip. Many who have not seen their families in years are also rushing to travel as the situation has improved significantly over the past two years.

Naturally, Muslim women will be among a large number of travelers all across the globe. As a female and a Muslim traveling can pose a few challenges. Airport security, prayer schedule, and the issue of Halal food to name just a few. If you put your mind to it nothing is difficult.

10 Tips Every Muslim Woman Traveling Must Know In 2022

If you are thinking about traveling in 2022 here are a few tips that are bound to come in handy:

1. Do Not Over Pack

It is tempting to take everything you think might be necessary when traveling. You may go over different possibilities where you might need one thing or the other. Airline rules and requirements over the years have limited the amount the luggage you can bring. Every year it seems the weight limit decreases.

Muslim women, in general, have more things to carry. Aside from the usual item of clothing, Muslim women may carry headscarves and stoles. You can pack light by only keeping one to two headscarves in neutral colors that go well with whatever you wear. You can always buy a scarf once you reach your destination if you want to coordinate it with an outfit.

2. Keep Track of Prayer Times with Mobile Application

You can offer shortened prayers during traveling. Traveling should not keep you from being regular in your prayers. It can be difficult to know what time you should offer which prayer. This is especially difficult while you are on your way and not sure of the time zones. It is also hard in some countries where the call to prayer is not common. Mobile applications have made knowing prayer times easy. These apps provide prayer timings according to your location. This means you get the accurate time. Many apps also provide Qibla direction, which is a bonus.

3. Get A Travel-Friendly Prayer Mats

Normal prayer mats are like small rugs, making them bulky and impractical for traveling. There are many travel-friendly prayer mats available in the market.

These prayer mats can be folded, sometimes to fit in a trouser pocket for convenience. They are light and easy to bring with you while traveling. Having a prayer mat is very helpful if you are praying in an area that may not be clean.

4. Travel Smartly

When traveling makes sure to do prior research. While most places are safe for Muslims to travel to, there is an undeniable level of discrimination in some countries. According to a report published by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), Islamophobia seems to be on the rise. The increase is small, yet depicts a worrying trend.

Muslim women are special targets of intolerance and hate due to the way they dress. Wearing a headscarf and modest attire makes Muslim women stand out. It is better to be aware of the social climate of the place you are visiting before going there.

5. Dress Appropriately

If you are traveling by airplane you may have to undergo strict security checks. You may be required to remove some outer layers of clothing as part of an airport security check. If you are wearing a long coat you might be asked to remove it.

To ensure that you are still appropriately dressed even if you have to remove a part of your outfit it is important to wear a long dress.

6. Do Some Homework

Traveling can become a real bother if you are going to a non-Muslim majority country and are struggling to find Halal food options. It is best to do some homework beforehand. Look for places that offer Halal food or seafood. This way you can be prepared once you reach your destination.

7. Let Family or Friends Back Home in The Loop

Share your travel details with others, especially if you are traveling by yourself. Keep family and friends in the loop so they know exactly where you are. In the unfortunate scenario, there is an emergency, they will know how to find you.

Informing others is a safety precaution and can prove to be a lifesaver. Letting people around you know where and when you will be traveling is always a good idea.

8. Strength In Numbers

It is better to travel with someone. You can pick anyone as a travel companion, as long as your trust them and get along well with them. Even if you are single, you can travel with a group of friends or your significant other.

It is not only about safety. More people means you can get more done. It also often means more fun as you share your experiences with others. Not to mention all the wonderful memories you can make together.

9. Be Respectful

As a Muslim woman, you may have certain beliefs and ideas. Part of traveling involves experiencing new cultures. You may not agree with certain customs and practices you will witness. Being respectful is key to striking a balance between your own beliefs and novel cultures.

There is beauty in diversity. We all may be different but we can all come together to accept and co-exist. Traveling opens our minds to new ideas. It broadens our horizons.

10.Feel Free to Ask for Help

Contrary to what many think people all over the world are more than likely to help travelers. Do not be afraid to ask for help such as knowing directions or hailing a cab. People usually are helpful and some even go out of their way to help foreigners.

Making The Most of It

Traveling is an excellent activity. It is necessary for growth and development. Getting exposed to new ideas, cultures, and ways of life is always enlightening. You should not be deprived of an opportunity to travel if you are a Muslim woman.

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