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Short Description: Muslim Bookseller and Publisher

DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING was founded by Papatia Feauxzar in May 2013. Djarabi means Love in Mandinga, her ancestral tribe.

DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING therefore promotes love books and books that promote justice, freedom of speech, peace and understanding in the community.

DJARABI KITABS PUBLISHING is now a leader in publishing books written by Muslims for both a religious and mainstream audience.

Country: United States of America (USA)
ZIP Code: 75370
Hafsa Farooq
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Short Description: A blog about my entrepreneurial journey and knowledge shared.

My blog is about sharing the most important knowledge I have gathered through the years as an entrepreneur. I have just started a new category called “Humanity”, where I will be taking up some issues in today’s society.

I established my first company in 2013 and in 2016 my second company. Since the start of my first company I have been blogging and doing speeches about business strategy and my entrepreneurial journey.

Website Address: Blog by Hafsa Farooq
Country: Denmark
Medic Through My Lens
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Short Description: I’m a British Muslim medical student, currently studying at a world-class university in London.
Follow my instagram: @medic.throughmyens

My posts include religion, advice for applying to university, what life as a medical student is like, how i balance my religion and my studies (although I’m still working on this one).

This is a unique blog here for you to explore, following my journey and. I am a medic studying in the heart of the UK, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts, ups and downs, and advice with my loyal readers. I hope you can enjoy and support my journey with me!

Website Address: Medic Through My Lens
Country: United Kingdom (UK)
Observations of an Introvert
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Short Description: I’m an introvert. I observe things. And I like to share these observations.

Observations of an Introvert will jump from one topic to the next. Some may end up being linked later down the line. Some won’t. The observations that I share with you may be linked to both real life and fictional situations. More often than not, it will be a mixture of both.

Country: United Kingdom (UK)
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Short Description: An expat mum’s guide to a thrifty life in Dubai – Curbing my cravings one dessert at a time.

Sharing my own recipes, seeking out the best offers & deals around town, reviewing eateries for their accessibility, friendliness and of course thriftiness!
Sharing tried and tested parenting hacks, Getting crafty and also sharing some home learning techniques for the little ones!

Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)