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    Buy Xanax 0.5

    I’m at an extensive loss for words
    For what is happening around the world
    What if in their place were you or I?
    Do you think we would be able to survive?


    How selfish and arrogant we are
    How heartless!? Do we really care?
    How about their agony we share?
    Oh yeah! Would we even dare??


    For the slightest thing we complain
    By doing so, what do we gain?
    Comparatively, it’s like the rain
    That drops and flows through the drain


    When you lay your head
    On your comfortable bed
    Remember those in the tents
    Expecting for a turn of events


    When hungry you always feel
    Even before your next meal
    Think of those starving for days
    Searching for food through indirect ways


    When frustrated you get
    Due to the unbearable sweat
    What about those unable to stand on their feet
    Cause of the intense cold and the severest heat


    When you fight with your dad
    For the latest iPhone or iPad
    Remind yourself there are many
    Who are struggling for just a penny


    To walk merely a mile, you bluntly fuss
    You’d rather ride a buggy or take the bus
    Have you not witnessed those running kilometers
    With blood or sudor pouring in litres??


    When the cool outfits you desire
    Know that- luxury is but a bloody fire
    Only look at those lower than you
    So that you’d be contended and grateful too


    Even though we’ve got our heart in the right place
    Can we not see the distress written all over their face?
    But yet we are hesitant to go forward
    After seeing the innocent being tortured


    Guilt and sorrow running through our veins
    Aren’t we answerable for their pains??
    Contemplate!! Come What May
    Let’s make a change “Whaddaya say?”

    Buy Xanax 0.5

    Alhamdulillah, being a busy mum of 3 and having completed her degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language along with an International diploma in teaching and training skills, Sabrina aspires to inspire the modern generation hoping for a better outcome Inshaa Allah! Blogging is her passion where she writes for different sites and magazines.. A Textrovert she calls herself but also is in the field of da'wah..

    Latest posts by Sabrina Azhar

    Showing 4 comments
    • Fatuma
      Order Soma 350 Mg

      Marsha Allah nay ALLAH INCREASE YOUR WISDOM dear sister in islam..very well said

    • Sabrina Azhar
      Buy Diazepam Bangkok

      Jazakallah khair sis!! means alot..

    • Buy Generic Valium Online
      Buy Valium Phuket

      Yes, we truly are selfish, until and unless something happens to us!
      yes, we are less empathetic until and unless something worst happens to us
      we are living in a self-centered world, where the focus of attention is only US.
      it’s all about us, us and US.
      We can only feel for others when we imagine ourselves in their shoes rather than judging them.
      Loved your poem, a great reminder.

    • Sabrina Azhar
      Order Alprazolam Powder Online

      Thankyou soo much! Alhamdulillah.. ❤

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