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In order to bring out the best from your child you need to appreciate them. Many parents, especially Pakistani parents (I am not being racist, I am a Pakistani myself), in fact, it’s something with the Asian parents, that they do not give much importance to appreciating their children. They think that if they do so their kids will become over confident and their performance and behaviour will start to deteriorate. Hence they avoid giving compliments even for the most minor acts their kids do. They tell their kids how not good they are and mock them about every little mistake they make.

So let me tell you a better way to deal with your child. From today onwards do not kiss, hug or even love them. Do not care about giving them their food on time, ignore them when they come telling you they are hungry. In fact, keep a broomstick, a thick one especially for your children and each time they say or do something wrong smack them as hard you can. Don’t at all treat them well.

Now you are thinking that it is totally impossible because this is very harmful for the child’s growth. They can suffer from depression, lack of confidence, insensitivity as they grow. They will feel isolated and think that nobody loves them. Taking care of your kid is your responsibility. How can you simply shove it away like it is some dust on the desk?

My dear parents, please realize that just how your children need to be cared physically and not go through any physical abuse for the betterment of their health, similarly they need you to feed and take care of their soul and mind. Their soul and mind does not require hugs and kisses, or food, it requires sweet words of love and appreciation, words that will show that you are confident about their talents, that you know they can do it, you know they have the right potential and can do anything to achieve whatever they like in their lives.

You see how good other children are in certain activities, and you see your child dull and weak and then you sit to tell them how good the other child is. That is why your child is weak and dull because all your life your words only discouraged them rather than providing them with enough confidence to do something worthwhile.

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  • Asbah Alaena

    Loved it.

  • Haroon

    Allah bless. Very important advice!

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