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Have you ever wanted to do something (or refrain from doing something) and then proceeded to deny your desire because What will people say?

What will people say if they see your children going out and playing in the mud?

What will people say if you stay at home?

What will people say if you study what you love?

What will people say if you don’t conform to the little box they put you in?

My darlings, people will talk no matter how much you try to appease them. You could bend over backwards – literally, and all you’d get would be a muttered remark that you should’ve done it faster.

You see, the reason they talk is not because of a flaw within you but because of a dissatisfaction they feel which they attempt to fill by finding fault with others.

Let me assure you that no one who will ‘say’ anything is someone whose opinion you need to be concerning yourself with. Do what pleases Allah (SWT) first and then do what pleases your heart. There is no need to fret over what people will say.

Please don’t let worry about other people’s opinions and judgements prevent you from doing something that makes you happy. Life truly is far too short to cage yourself up in such a way.

So, the next time you reflexively stop yourself with the mental question ‘what will people say?’ Remind yourself that your life is not being lived for their happiness. Remind yourself that the reward for doing something that makes you happy is far greater than the tiny sting of annoyance or regret that you feel when someone makes a snide comment.

Most of all, remind yourself that you make good decisions and other people’s opinions on your actions are only as important as you allow them to be.

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  • Aisha Idris

    Yes, you are right. Doing things for others approval will never make us happy. We can only be happy by doing what pleases Allah.

  • Fatuma

    JazakiALLAH key ran sister it’s a very common thing among women but, unhealthy very wise advice Baraga Allah fiih

    • Neymat Raboobee

      Ameen 🙂 Jee, it is so unhealthy. We just need to keep remembering that.

  • Imthihal

    Ma Sha Allah.. A very insightful article. A large fraction of problems in our life are due to this fear.

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