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Time is ticking away.. We are just a few days behind Ramadhan but what guarantee do we have that we will live to reach it and make use of this blessed month in the best way possible!?? So do not wait for that day to make a change.. Start today.. Furthermore, change needs time and it would cause alot of weight if we try to reform ourselves all at once..

(On a personal note, last Ramadhan was like a few months ago.. I can’t believe that its been a year already and likewise it will be over before we actually internalize it…)

Thus, Pre-planning is a definite must.. Alhamdulillah, for the amazing, valuable resources we have these days to organize this noble month in an optimal way..

Above all, welcoming Ramadhaan with a clean heart is the fundamental trait we need to observe.. Patching up relationships, forgiving those who wronged us, apologizing and holding onto family ties may seem hard, like really hard but if we solely do it for the sake of Allah, He will compensate for us in the Ahkirah..

‘Ikhlass-un-niyyah’- Sincerity in our intentions and actions matter the most in whatever amal we perform.. failing which, all good deeds are gone to the drain however great it may look whether it be high donations, feeding the poor and needy, long prayers, etc… if our intention was not set right, all acts of worship would be in vain..

Spending more time conversing with Allah, the Almighty should be our top priority.. Minimizing the usage of social media, rather cutting it down totally is the best solution as it is a major distraction between us and our amals..

A few points to take into consideration before Ramadhan

1- To plan meals ahead so as not to waste time in the kitchen during this precious month

2- To keep kids occupied so that we can have time for our connection with our Maker

3- To prepare a list of duas so that we don’t regret later for not having made a particular dua

4- To do all the necessary shopping even the eid stuff

5- To sort out, clean and organize our home for a better and new feeling of Ramadhan

6- To settle debts and other obligations we owe to others

7- To polish surahs we have already memorized so as to recite in our tahajjud/taraweeh

8- To gather together with family and friends and talk about the virtues and everything related to Ramadhan

9- To prepare the sadaqah list, to-do-list and other important notes in advance

10- To remove grudges, to have good intentions, to love one another for the sake of Allah, to show kindness and all other good characteristics should be practiced now and forever, Inshaa Allah!

May Allah make us all reach this noble month in the best of health, make it easy for us and grant us the ability to make the most of it and eventually grant us Jannathul-Firdouse!!💞

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  • Salma Mehajabeen

    Al hamdulilah!! Waiting to welcome Ramadhan just like a baby waiting to welcome her mama!!
    These tips will help us to have more ibadaah in shaa Allah

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