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I sit to ponder and write
What my mind has to say
Hoping it would bring light
By the end of the day…


I do need to put out
To just feel relieved
Its actually all about
What has to be believed


I take my pen to start
But it doesn’t let me to
As I have a fragile heart
I don’t know what to do


With tears in my eyes
I somehow try to begin
Why can’t people be nice
And not commit any sin


This world is full of destruction
Killing each other’s valuable soul
Why is there so much of confusion
And what really is everyone’s goal?


What’s happening to this universe
With religious people going astray
Aren’t they afraid of God’s curse
As 2 Satan’s whispers they fall prey


Terror after terror, attack after attack
What do you see when you look back?
Hatred and envy overpowering love
So how do you prevent all of the above?


Sit back, concentrate and think deep
The consequences that make you weep
Really helpless- not knowing what to do
Whereas a change can be made by you


Rectify your intentions and fear God
As He is All-Powerful, the only Lord
He can change the world within a glance
Reform yourself now, don’t take a chance


These are some of the signs making you aware
That the world is coming to an end- so Beware!
All you have to do is increase in your good acts
As what has been mentioned is not false but facts


Do not become for one another a real bother
Forgive and forget and pray for each other
Death may knock at your door any time now
Are you prepared and ready to face it somehow?


Oh Lord! Please guide this humanity
Don’t let us divert to the wrong track
Take away all our pride and vanity
To You, make us always come back!!


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    Thank you!

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    Mashallah Loved this post…

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