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Asalaam Alaikum

Newbie Sunday Showcase is all about introducing some of our bloggers who have blogs that are less than 1 year old! Today’s blogs are only a few months old.


contemplations of a wandering soul

Energetic, optimistic and down to earth are three words that describe me as a person. Anger, pessimism and dishonesty are my turn offs. Writing is my new found love, my way of expression and food for my soul. Thoughtful parenting and home making is my passion. Raising my both boys according to Islamic values so that they achieve higher ranks in this life and afterlife is the responsibility bestowed on me by Allah and I aspire to fulfil this responsibility to its fullest.

The idea behind my blog is to express what I learnt from my 7 years of professional life in the corporate world along with highlighting what I gained from my personal life experiences. I take inspiration from my surroundings, my family and the books I read and prefer to write meaningful, objective and to the point about whatever catches my fancy.

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Khudaija Expresses

A teacher by profession, an MBA by degree and a student of religion, Khudaija.A.Nagaria found refuge and happiness writing, using her passion for serving Islam. Being a freelancer she writes for different magazines and forums. So far her articles and poems have been published in prestigious magazines such as Dawn, Sisters, Hiba, Muslimaat, Aaila and Young Muslimah Magazine, and websites such as Moments of Perfect Clarity, Quran Reflections and Muslim Moms. Khudaija also served as contributing editor and marketing manager for Muslimaat Magazine from January 2014 to January 2015. She is a proud member of Muslimah Writers Alliance (MWA) and an active Featured Blogger at Muslimah Bloggers.

Khudaija prays her writing be a means of Sadaqa e Jaariyah for her deceased parents.



If you have a blog that is less than 1 year old then please ensure you are on our directory and drop us a mail to say you would like to be featured.

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