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Asalaam Alaikum

The nominations are in and voting can commence! You have until 6th December to submit your votes in sha Allah. Please try to vote in each category.

So without further ado here are the top 10 nominees for each category.

Nomination for Best Arts/Crafts Blog (including literacy)

Nomination for Best Fashion and Beauty Blog

Nomination for Best Food/Recipe Blog

Best Lifestyle Blog

Nomination for Best Parenting Blog

Nomination for Best Education Blog

Nomination for Best Religious Blog

Nomination for Best Travel Blog

Nomination for Best Health Blog

Nomination for Best Personal Development/Productivity Blog

Nomination for Best Business Blog

Nomination for Best Youtube Blogger

Nomination for Best Instagrammer

Nomination for Best Blog Facebook Page

Nomination for Best Podcast

Nomination for Overall Most Inspirational Blogger


To submit your votes click the button!

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  • Zainab Dokrat

    This was such a lovely surprise Alhamdulillah, so excited to be nominated among all these amazing bloggers. Goodluck to everyone! <3 (

  • Iroda Ahmed

    SubhanAllah, I just found out about this. A friend sent me a message and I had no idea what she was talking about. I am truly humbled and grateful to have been nominated in different categories without any prior knowledge of this was taking place 😭

  • Emilie (Arabic Seeds)

    Alhamdulillah! Honoured to have been nominated in the Education and Business categories! Thank you so much!


    Honoured to be in 9 categories among all these big stars! May Allah put barakah in everyone’s efforts of serving the ummah in their own way!

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