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Asalaam Alaikum

Last week the theme for the week was growth. We thought it would be interesting to see how creative our bloggers could get with the theme.


We love how @gilded_dunya uses our theme to share a life lesson

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Umm Al Darda - she taught a Khalif. Regarding Umm Al Darda', famous scholar and tabi'iyyah, Ibn Katheer said, "Men studied with her and learnt fiqh from her in her teaching places on the north side of the [Umayyad] Mosque, 'Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan when he was caliph used to sit in her circle with other students." It is said that the Khalif would sit among Umm Al Darda's students and when it was time for prayer, they would all get up. The Khalif would go to the front and lead the prayer and Umm Al Darda' would go to the back and join the women's rows. Wow. Just wow. For me there's two things to take from a life such as Umm Al Darda's. As Muslim mothers we are constantly searching for role models we want our children to know about. People from our history that our children see as inspiration to become better Muslims. And whenever I read something I like - I quickly make a note of it so I can share them with Yusra when she is older as bedtime stories. But a story like this one is as much a lesson for children as it is for us. And that is understanding what we can do with our lives. Not all of us started off with learning Islamic knowledge from a young age - therefore implementing Islam has been a difficult task for us. But we shouldn't let that put us off, or use it as an excuse to stay away from gaining beneficial knowledge. From the little bit I've learnt about Umm Al Darda, I see dedication, steadfastness, perseverance and consistency. All the things required to do things we want to do for ourselves. For our Akhirah. This is the life before. We should find sparks of motivation to make this life before mean something. InshaAllah. These stories help us grow. The growth that is required to help our iman. To help us grow into a self that is better than one we were a few years ago. #mbphotooftheweek #Growth with @muslimahblogs a different take on growth. #IslamicHistory #WomenScholars #Islam #LifeOfAMuslimah #ThisStoryIsntFromThisBook

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@Inewleaf1 uses our theme to make a dua


@Miqbalq decides to ponder over growth

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When I saw the theme of this week by @muslimahblogs i.e. growth, I scrolled through my camera gallery to see whether I have a related photo already which I can use to participate in the theme. I came across the photos I recently took of the doodles on the cards made by my friend Mahnoor. @mahnooor_arif This left me pondering over growth. Growth of skills! Her work as compared to the previous one is like... soooo much more beautiful, masha'Allah. This is growth. Growth in skill, talent and ability. The more one uses a skill the more one grows in that. No, Mahnoor I am not undermining your previous work. That was pretty too. But this one is extreeeemely beautiful. 😍 Masha'Allah wa barak'Allah. Do you have a skill? Practise and polish that. Make it grow. 😊 #MBPhotoOfTheWeek #Growth #Skill #Talent #Ability #Art #Doodle #DoodleArt #DoodleStories

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If you would like to join in then keep an eye out on our Instagram feed for the new theme.

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