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January featured blogger is ‘Inspired and Fabulous’. An inspirational sister who suffered from depression and has used this experience to start her blog and turn her life around masha’Allah.

inspired and fabulous


When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging around September 2014. It had been approximately three years from coming out of horrific depression. By that time I had learnt so much about the mind, positivity, success, happiness – all that good stuff that I was bursting with excitement to share my message with other women. Blogging was the prefect way to talk about what I love and share my inspiration to the world.


Did anyone in particular inspire you to start blogging?

Not really. At the time of starting my blog, I didn’t really look up to one particular blogger.  Overall, I was really motivated by seeing other women pursue their dreams – be it starting a new skin care line, writing a book or home-schooling their children. Seeing other women reach new heights inspired me to follow my own dreams and passions.


What do you hope to gain from blogging?

I hope to create a beautiful community of inspiring and fabulous women who are living to their highest and radiant selves.


Where do you hope to see your blog in a few years?

I would love for Inspired & Fabulous to become the centre for positivity, soul enrichment and heart fuelled living for Muslim women. In a few years, I hope to have a stronger presence online (through my blog) and transition into the ‘physical’ world with live workshops, events and weekly groups.


Do you have any goals for your blog next year?

My first goal is to remain consistent with blogging on a weekly schedule.  I really want to use my blog to expand into other opportunities such as selling ebooks, online programs, live heart to heart sessions and life coaching. I’m hoping to expand into some of these spheres within the next year inshaAllah.


Have you had any opportunities arise as a result of blogging?

The main opportunity for me has been getting to know wonderful sisters from all over the world. Blogging allows me to connect with my ‘tribe’ – the women who share the same passion and excitement as I do for living a beautiful life.


Link 3 of your favorite blog posts (from your blog or others)

Although these are three of my favourite blog posts, I could add many more to the list and go on forever :))


-12 Characteristics Of Extraordinarily Successful Women http://inspiredandfabulous.com/12-characteristics-of-extraordinarily-successful-women/


– How To Be An Amazing Woman Part 2



– How I Cope With Jealousy And Competition From Success



Any tips for anyone who may be thinking of starting blogging?

-Pour your heart and soul into it:

Most people underestimate the work needed to run a blog. Often it’d be a very long time before you make huge leaps and reap huge rewards. So your heart needs to be in it. You’ve got to believe in your message when everybody else is questioning it. When you heart is in it, you’ll keep it going. Honestly, I plan to keep blogging until my last day on earth (inshaAllah) and that drive is what keeps me going even on the dreariest days.


-Be consistent:

Consistency is what differentiates you from treating your blog as a hobby versus a heart-centred business. I get thrills of excitement when I see a new post from my favourite bloggers so I try to keep that regularity within my own blog.


inspired and fabulous

You can connect with ‘Inspired and Fabulous’ on her blog, Facebook or Pinterest.


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  • Myda tahir

    Good to Know you and your goals Hafsa.
    You are indeed inspiring a lot of women like me in the world
    May Allah give Barakah to your efforts.
    With love,

  • Chinese Character Translation

    May Allah give Barakah to your efforts.
    With love

    • Umme Hafsa

      Ameen and likewise, may Allah grant you immense barakah in all that you do x

  • Sahar Ahmed

    May Allah give you a lot of strenght and never let you feel that way.

    SubhanAllah that this was your outcome.

    Lots of love.

    • Umme Hafsa

      Ameen 🙂 Alhumdulilah upon every circumstance. Sometimes our biggest hardships serve our biggest lessons.

      Much love x

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