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Today’s Five Favourite Finds have the theme of ISLAM and have been chosen by Bouchra Rebiai

Bouchra Rebiai is a bilingual English<>Arabic translator. Previously blogging about a lot of things, ranging from personal goals to crafting, she is now focusing on topics such as translation and languages, with the occasional DIY post. You can find her blog at




“New year, new beginnings. Today I’ve chosen a selection of links that I found related a lot to the idea of starting a new year. So let’s dive in!


11 Ways to Jump Start Your Self Development in 2016

First off, we have a post with 11 ways you can develop yourself this year. I always like reading these posts about self-development with an Islamic angle.





Detach The Heart From This World

An important goal Muslims must keep working on is detaching ourselves from the attractions of worldly life. Here’s a poem on the subject.

gilded Dunya


Misfit Rules (Joys of Being A Misfit)

An interesting self-development goal is to become a person who stands out, someone who is different. Here’s an article discussing how minorities can rule, and how we can apply that as Muslims to become a stronger Ummah.

salam in wonderland


Homemaking & The Qur’aan: Why you need to study the words of Allaah?

One of my personal goals for 2016 is to study a certain number of Surahs. I came across this post that is mostly directed at homemakers, but has advice on studying the Quran that applies to Muslim women from all walks of life.

Mariam poppins




And last but not least, always remember to keep your chin up, even if the new year brings nothing but tests. Here’s a short little post with an incredibly powerful Aya to keep in mind!


May Allah fill your 2016 with all joy and Iman!


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