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I started blogging to express my thoughts, to communicate and to just explore my creativity. But just like anybody else, at some point I felt giving up cause I felt like no one is interested to listen to whatever I have to say, no one is waiting for my next blog post, no one cares to know what’s happening with my life lately, whether or not I’m fine, if I managed to lose weight, to overcome my fears, low self esteem and anxiety or if I am able to start believing in my abilities.

There are several times when I believed in my ideas, spent hours or even days to put those ideas into a blog and then when it’s published – there are metrics, stats and such that show how few people, or none, viewed and how abundant don’t.  Times like that make me feel like my voice isn’t worth listening or my ideas aren’t worth giving attention. And as a blogger who invested time, effort and money into blogging – sometimes I feel like it’s all waste.

What makes it worst is when people close to me, family and friends, think I’m really wasting my life onto something that is not worth it. They don’t understand what I do, how I earn online, how blogging helped my business, how it helped me discover my potentials, how it helped me as an individual- sometimes they make me feel like it’s all really a waste.

I felt like no one understands why I had to invest for a domain and hosting, why I had to buy premium theme, why I had to change my brand names several times, why my blog posts took hours to complete. Sometimes I wanted someone to talk to who understand me and not who just nods and say “okay that’s cool” but with facial reaction saying I’m weird.

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  • Sainab

    It’s so true, not everyone seems to understand the concept of blogging, but keep going. Believe in yourself, that’s what really matters!

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