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-Facing hostility-


What is love? Dictionary states: It’s a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. We would all agree to that. Whom do we love? I am not speaking about our parents or spouse. Given a choice, what kind of person do/will you love? Perhaps, it’s someone smart, intelligent, caring, stylish, strong, compassionate, jovial and much more. J Here we may all have different perspective.
Still, we develop affection for someone outside our classification! Love doesn’t always blossom where we want it to be! It grows with someone who cares for us! We cannot stop admiring one who accepts us with our flaws and brings best out of us. Sometimes a hard blow is necessary to see this. A shoulder to lean and cry is all we need. We don’t care how tall or how handsome that person is.

Can you recollect a day when you were misunderstood? Probably, you felt out of place even amidst people you had known for ages. What was the worst day of your life like? For me, it was a day in hostel. I had tried to speak in support of my sister against a popular friend. In return, I was shown how cruel, inconsiderate, unpractical and dreadful was I. It was not just her; almost everybody had something to say. I wondered why they can’t remember a single good thing I did to them. I was ashamed to have considered them so great. What followed was loneliness!  Alhamdhulillah, I’ve grown out of it and am in better relationship with the people involved.  Yet, my heart holds very special place for those who had even bothered to smile at me in those lonely days.

Amidst my loneliness, I learn about a man who cared too much for others. He wanted best for the people. He ventured into unfamiliar cities with a hope that they would listen to him. He intended no personal gain and his caption was in people’s best interest. Wouldn’t we have loved to listen to the caption? He didn’t get the desired response! He was insulted, humiliated and stoned away from a city. We can’t even stand being interrupted in our speech. And this soft-spoken gentle man who deserved to be given a VIP treatment was abused mentally and physically! What was the problem? Well, his perfect agenda conflicted with people’s personal opinions and false hopes. They preferred to be lost in their illusions than face beneficial truth. Is it hard to relate? Sounds annoying, doesn’t it?

His mission was pure and indeed he was to succeed. He had an opportunity to take revenge against these ungrateful people. What would you have done? Recollect a situation where you were wronged. Poor you facing office politics; or, as an innocent bride being cornered in in-law’s place; what did you wish? Honestly, as a teenager on my worst day, I wished with all my heart that each one of them face similar situation in their life.  Our hero could have destroyed the city. After all, they deserved it. He opts to FORGIVE them. Yes, you read it right. HE FORGAVE THE PEOPLE WHO INSULTED AND STONED HIM!!!

Why? He hoped that the descendants of those people would be wise enough to see the truth! He admits it was the worst day of his life. He had come there with great hope. Not a single soul stood by him. He was bruised and hurt. He was left bleeding in outskirts of the city with no food and water. Yet, for greater good he overlooked his pain and suffering. He was not there to show them – “Now see my wrath”. Instead he showered mercy upon them. This really astonished me. Here was me, who having argued for a personal reason was struggling to face the consequences which could hardly be called abusive. Yet, I harbored grudge. And this blessed person, with tears in his eyes, bruised, hungry and aching body prayed for the forgiveness of the ones responsible for his state. I couldn’t help but cry out of love for him. How could someone be so selfless? He considered his mission to be far greater than any pain he would ever face.  Even in worst of the situations he was patient and only uttered words in praise of the Lord! No wonder he was honored to convey the ultimate truth. For me, this was enough to prove that there couldn’t be a man better than him. He inspired me to overlook my pain. This slowly melted my malice away. I realized, I would gain no pleasure by seeing those who confronted me facing similar situation.

There is nothing great about being nice and courteous to one who is good to us. To judge our character, we should check our response in an undesirable situation. How did you react? I’m afraid,  I’ve failed many times. How wise and sensible was this kind man. Even agony and humiliation had failed to degrade him in anyway.  His refined character shined in all situations. In his life I see solution to my aching heart. With depth of my heart I wish best for him. May he always be at peace. Have you guessed who is he?.

He is none other than our beloved prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه و سلم). And his mission was to call people towards one true Allah. The incident I mentioned is that of Taif.

taif5 forgive

As he had hoped Taif became land of strong muslims. Alhamdhulilllah. How does Muhammed (صلى الله عليه و سلم) inspire you? Feel free to comment.

Indeed high moral caliber of prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه و سلم) melts and consoles many hearts. He inspires me to be a better person. Now, I was left with other regrets. Why didn’t I bother to voice out for others the way I supported my sister? I decided that I will never gang up to make someone feel low.

This was just a reflection from an incident in prophet’s (صلى الله عليه و سلم) blessed life. It’s just a tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn from his (صلى الله عليه و سلم) life. There are many more reasons to love him (صلى الله عليه و سلم). Insha Allah, will be back with more reflections soon.

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  • Haya

    When the people of Taif had stopped chasing prophet Muhammed SAW, he was, tired and bleeding. Having been tortured and humiliated by the people of Taif, he sat alone under a tree. THIS IS WHAT HE SUPPLICATED THERE!
    “ O Allah! I COMPLAIN TO YOU of my WEAKNESS, my SCARCITY OF RESOURCES and the HUMILIATION – I have been subjected to by the people.
    O Most Merciful of those who are merciful. O Lord of the weak and my Lord too.
    To whom have you entrusted me? To a distant person who receives me with hostility?
    Or to an enemy to whom you have granted authority over my affair?
    I seek refuge in the light of Your Face by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right,
    There is no power and no might except by You.”

    Subahan Allah. Here we sob and complain on facing any trial. Even if we are stuck in traffic, we wonder why is our life like this!
    Our beloved prophet, in spite of facing such cold treatment, fears Displeasure of Allah! He further acknowledges Allah’s favours on Him. He didnt care for anything but Allah.

    This raises Shukr Allah to whole new level. Allah o akbar.

    Alhamdhulillahi Ala kulli haal.

    * Supplication taken from seerah of Rassol.
    Haya recently posted…New Theme: RevelarMy Profile

  • Khansa

    Salaam sis,
    I must thank you first of all for such an inspiring post. As most of us are aware of all these stories about our beloved prophet Muhammed (صلى الله عليه و سلم), you cited how they can be applied to the situations and circumstances in our life. Really thought provoking Masha ALLAH..

    • Haya

      Walikum salam
      Exactly sister. We study about life of prophet as though he was some stranger. Or, we forget he was human too with emotions and feelings. And non Muslims get alert on just hearing his name. I have just attempted to break the ice.
      Haya recently posted…Why I love him?My Profile

  • Ashfa

    This gave me tears. Thanks for this. May peace be upon Him SAW!

  • Aaliyah

    How great a man was the Prophet (saw)! No one even comes close to him. May we all strive to have the qualities that he had.

  • Maryam

    I often don’t like reading long post but this one was really well written masha’allah 🙂

  • Ruku

    It’s not easy to always forgive the ones who have done us wrong. I love the story of Ta’if, and especially of the servant of one of the residents who then later did end up becoming muslim, sA. May Allah help us to emulate the Prophet in all his qualities, and may we all be together with hi in Jannah.

  • papatia

    Assalamu aleikum sister Haya, your writings reminded of one of my Indonesian friend; Inspiring and spreading dawah and good in a language which is not your first masha’Allah. May Allah give you the benefits of your actions in this life and the next, amiin. Now, about our beloved Rasullula (sallalahu aleihi wassalam), I try to think of his actions before I act too . Often times, I find myself frustrated with the people I interact with because of their lack of commitment and ambition. And letting go of the anger always come after thinking that Allah and His messenger forgave and forgive all excerpt shirk so I let go and be happy alhamdullilah. Houb salam 🙂

    • Haya

      Walikum salam. It’s an honour to be compared with an active daee. Alhamdhulillah. May Allah make us strong in faith and choose us to spread islam. Ameen. Wa hubaka. 💖
      Haya recently posted…Why I love him?My Profile

  • Sara

    Muhammad SAW was the best person who ever lived. May we all follow in his footsteps. Thanks for sharing.

  • Creative Khadija

    MashaAllah, this is one perfect article I have ever read. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad SAWW is the best person. Very well written dear sis. JazakAllah for sharing with us!

  • Amina

    There’s so much to learn from his noble life indeed, sal Allahu alayhi wassalam. May we find reasons every moment to love him even more.

  • Foz

    Who best to learn from then our beloved Prophet (pbuh)
    Foz recently posted…My Sunday Photo/Silent Sunday – Stingray faceMy Profile

  • saima asghar

    You beautifully related a true story to our daily encounters these days. Forgiving n forgetting are easier said then done and we need to work hard to learn these traits. The best way to learn these is through the story of our beloved Prophet s.a.w. may peace be upon him n we meet him soon in Jannah. Ameen,

  • Najmah

    Mashaa Allah,

    Jazakillah khair for shairing this reflection post. You didn’t just conveyed your story about your sister but you also related it to the life of Prophet pbuh in a creative way.

    This is really inspiring.

    May Allah bless your good deeds.

  • Ayeina

    He was the one who put the man in manly.

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