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Okay, so for those of you that have seen a previous post about Graham and Green, you’ll know how much inspiration I found for my home. Since I’ve been there, I’ve had a little bit of an obsession with buying a few things from their shop. As you’re probably guessing by now, this post is dedicated to a little wishlist I have created. And all the items are from Graham and Green. Ever since I discovered their shop, I have literally been in love with the way it was decorated so naturally I have wanted a few items from them. Read along and I’ll show you my favourites and where I want them to go.

Graham and Green Wishlist

First things first, the Vita Tripod Table lamp, I absolutely love these table lamps. I have been looking for some for my bedroom ever since I’ve moved into my flat and these are just gorgeous! These are just perfect because the colours go really well with the theme of my bedroom. It gives off a soft romantic look, I think it’s beautiful.

Graham and Green Wishlist

This Mother of Pearl is exactly what I need as a bedside table in my bedroom. With the Vita Tripod Table lamp on top, it would just complete my bedroom. I’ve gone for a very subtle and romantic feel for my bedroom because I like to feel calm entering it after a long and stressful day. I will reveal how it looks when I get my hands on these items. I have to admit they are a little out of my price range but hey, a girl can dream right?


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