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Blog Post by: Ayeina.

Everyone strives to memorize Qur’an but very few try to memorize ahadith. So this Mini Ahadith Series will help you memorize parts of ahadith (or full ahadith) one by one. We will start from two and gradually progress to more words in shaa Allaah. I have put the series in Kids corner because they are as easy for kids to learn as well. They will also help you to teach your kids a few Islamic manners and while disciplining them, you can always use the Arabic words instead, so they can get the hang of it too.

  • Meanings of the root words have been taken from
  • Audios have been recorded by my cute little niece who is two and a half years old – Aairah Ahmed.

Following words have been taken from these ahadith (a part of which is also talked about inQur’an). You would basically have to memorise just one word (the first word “laa” in all of them is constant and recurring).


1. Investigation

Teaching children not to be nosey, you can always say:

 لاَ تَحَسَّسُوا

{ Transliteration: Laa Tahassasu }

{ Translation: “Do not be inquisitive about one another” }

The word “Tahassasu” has been derived from three root words ح س س (Ha-Siin-Siin) which means – To listen, to seek repeatedly/time after time to know a thing, ask or inquire after news or tidings of something, inquire or seek for information about something or someone, to be pulled out or up or off…

This word has been used several times in the Qur’an. For eg: [12:87]

The root words also carry meanings like – to slaughter, destroy, kill, make one’s perceiving powers dead, make one’s sound or motion to cease, despise someone, devour, blast or burn, carry or remove or shake off, to be tender or compassionate towards someone (lit., to feel for someone), lament for someone, perceive or become sensible of something, know a thing by means of any of the senses, learn a thing, know a thing certainly, to be certain or sure of something, to be eradicated or displaced, fall out or come out, fall continuously/by degrees/one part after another, break into pieces.

Yes! That’s the beauty of Arabic. So many words come out of one root word. It all then depends on context and usage.


2. Spying

Teaching children not to spy/stalk, you can always say:

لاَ تَجَسَّسُوا

{ Transliteration: Laa Tajassasu }

{ Translation: “Do not spy upon one another” }

The word “Tajassasu” has been derived from three root words ج س س (Jiim-Siin-Siin) which means to test or judge or scrutinize a thing, to spy or investigate or examine in order to form a judgement, inquire about or spy into a thing.

Example of this word in the Qur’an is [49:12].


3. Jealousy

Teaching children not to be jealous, you can always say:

لاَ تَحَاسَدُوا

{ Transliteration: Laa Tahaasadu }

{ Translation: “Do not feel envy with the other” }

The word “Tahaasadu” has been derived from three root words ح س د (Ha-Siin-Dal) which means To envy, grudge, to dislike that a person possesses a thing (and wish that it would depart from him and transfer to himself), to wish that a person be deprived of a thing.

Allaah teaches us in the Qur’an, to seek refuge from the envious, in Surah Falaq.


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