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DIY Wall Art

It’s taken me a while to get this wall art completed but I’ve finally done it! Yay! I started making it a while back but like usual procrastination got in the way and as a result I have only been able to finish it now.  You can read about the inspiration behind the wall art in a post I made here, Islamic Wall Art-Why Not Make It Myself.

Okay so lets get straight into how I made it. It was made on Photoshop and pretty much the most simple art I have made. The Arabic writing was downloaded off the internet as a brush and just brushed onto the stripy backgrounds. They were quite faint in colour when first brushed on so you have to click it a few times before getting your desired colour. I done the same for both of the wall arts with the Arabic writing. For the middle one with the black background, I just made the background black and wrote what I wanted on it in my desired text. And voila there it was the Photoshop part done. Simple right?

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