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Five Favourite FindsAsalaam Alaikum!

Today’s Five Favourite Finds have been chosen by ‘A Traveller in a Gilded Dunya

gilded dunyaMother to Yusra and a striving Muslimah. I am new to blogging and have been sharing my thoughts as I live my life being Umm Yusra. Instilling Islam in my home and my daughter’s life turned me to writing about some of my ideas, struggles and in general about the love of my Deen.



Saudi Beauty

Are you a Muslim Who Doesn’t Pray?

The most important aspect in a Muslims worship: salah. If you struggle to keep up with it, here’s some lovely advice from a sister. Who tells us that without knowing and loving Allah we just can’t get ourselves to pray.



Modest Munchies

Making up Missed Fasts

This is a very handy tracker to help those sisters who have lots of fasts to make up due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and the usual exemption. I know many friends who have found this to be a helpful tool.



In the Playroom

Baa is for Battah

In this post, the sister gives us a wonderful idea to teach our children the Arabic alphabets – in this one it’s about teaching them the letter ‘Ba’. For someone who is a big believer of play learning I think this idea is brilliant.



The Muslim Bricks

Racism and Marriage

Despite the many Islamic teachings relating to racism,  sadly it exists in our communities. In this post the sister shares why we shouldn’t be racist in matters of marriage.




Iman’s Home School

Ramadan 30 Days of Activities

Not a blog post as such, but with the special month approaching us in less than 30 days, I’m sure every parent will appreciate these very helpful resources for children about and Ramadan, alhamdhulillah.




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