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by Ayesha Desai

The hands of time
Gallop across sands of eternity
And I watch you…
Growing up
Growing away
Just growing

And through the lens of memory
I gaze in wonder
At the hands that gripped onto mine
At the toes I blissfully counted
At the little face I kissed g’nite
And I see you now
Hands almost stronger than my own
Feet ready to walk their own path
A face full of wisdom,
But still full of wonder

And I want to hold on
For just a while longer
But let go I must…
And as I whisper my prayers
‘Please let him be safe
Please let him always know his way home
Please guide him,
as he finds his path
And watch over him,
as he learns to soar
And be with him,
on this journey
and …
Every please…’

I paste a smile onto my face
And wave goodbye
Go well child of my heart
Go carve your place in this world
My prayers will shadow you always
And I whisper ‘please, please, every please’
As I wave…

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  • Foz

    I can so relate to this. My children are growing up way too quickly.

    JazakAllah Khair for sharing such a beautiful poem
    Foz recently posted…Project 365 – Days 137 to 143My Profile

  • Ayesha Desai

    The phrase ‘Time flies’ wasnt something I truly grasped until I became a mummy!

    Shukran for your kind words, and for taking the time to comment <3

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