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Today it is Admin’s turn again to pick their Five Favourite Finds.


Fozia S, founder of Muslimah Bloggers and blogger at Muslim Mummy. is a proud mummy of two beautiful girls. Currently a stay at home mum she started blogging as a means to connect to other Muslimah’s while at home.


Masha’Allah our directory is growing steadily and I decided to make a conscious effort to pick posts from the newer members of our directory and there was certainly a wide choice of posts.



No Bake Cookie Dough Chunks


muslim mummy at home

As a chocolate fan this is perfect! A nice and simple recipe to try out which involves no actual cooking.



Does Teaching Religions in School Help or Hurt


ask deedra

An important discussion about teaching children religion in school.



Rebel Q17:23


Anchor with Keidi

A post about the relationship between children and their elders.



When Shall We Meet You Again, Palestine


Living for Allah

A poem reflecting Palestine’s suffering.



Chicken With Pepper


From Worlds Kitchen

One of the latest food blogs shares a yummy recipe for Chicken.




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  • Loubnanya

    salam Alaykum!
    Thank you so much, I’m honoured that you chose my poem to share it.
    & thank you for the wonderful work you do, allowing us to discover new blogs written by our sisters.
    Batak’Allah fikoum.

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