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The end of the year is coming! Wow did this year fly by or what!

As time passes, slowly but surely our body goes through changes we donít realize. We set all these goals for ourselves but many of us donít follow through with.

Itís important to take care of your health, physically and emotionally to have a balanced life. Islam calls for the importance of this as well, as it will help you in this world and life hereafter.

Here are some tips for you, as to how to get healthy, happy and reduce your stress! These are easy, quick, and are things you can do†right now.




The best beverage around. No denying that. In the past year Iíve realized the importance of water more than ever before! Water cleans us from the inside out, and the more we drink, we more we will clean our body. It helps with headaches and keeps you from dehydrating.

Yes, it can be annoying to go to the bathroom constantly (especially when you need to pray or hold your wudhu), but it is the best thing we can do for our bodies.


  1. WALK

As someone who has a desk job, and no motivation to work out, this is the only way I can get my body moving. Itís so important to get up and walk every hour, otherwise your body will become heavy, cause pains in areas it shouldnít be paining, and cause issues down the line. It wonít make you Ďskinnyí, but it will keep you going and keep you healthy.



still-life-930757_1920Again, this is something Iíve realized in the past year or so. In school days I was never really healthy in what I ate, but since I didnít gain much weight, I never changed habits. That all changes once Ďreal lifeí begins. Iíve realized the importance of replacing those cookies & chips with fruits and veggies will go a long way. Of course you can still enjoy those sweet and savory snacks, once in a while. It is important to fuel body with the proper nutrients in your teens and 20s because they directly impact your health in old age.

If you are someone like me, and need a snack around midday, bring some fresh veggies or a fruit with you to school or work. I do the same with veggies, I try to have a salad as part of my lunch 1-2 times a week. Thatís not even proper or enough, but itís a start. Baby steps will get you there. These snacks will provide the proper nutrients, plus keep you full for a good amount of time.



SO important. I canít say that I even do this daily or weekly, but I wish I could, and know that I should! All day long, we are constantly on our phones. Whether itís to listen to music, watch a video, check our email, read up on something online, message people, etc., we spend all days on our phones! All of that constant activity keeps our brain going all day long, which can be mentally exhausting.

So what I find helpful (or a start) is to take a break. 15 minutes before I go to sleep, I put my phone away. I try to read a book before you sleep or do some deep breathing. If I donít have a book around, Iíll lay in bed for a while before falling asleep. Not only is looking at a bright screen not that great for our eyes, constantly being on our phone prevents us from truly relaxing and taking a break. So put that phone away and just take some time to yourself, especially before sleeping and let your mind rest without all those constant notifications.



The way we think usually reflects the way we feel. So itís important to keep positive! It can tough to do in certain, dire situations, but aim to keep your positivity no matter what life throws at you.

So think happy thoughts!


Hope you guys enjoyed these quick and easy tips! Try it for yourself!


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