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We all need it. As we grow older, I believe motivation becomes one of the largest factors of why we do something, and keeps us doing things. However, being a student or a young adult, sometimes it is hard to find motivation sometimes, or the courage to keep going.


Here are a few tips that I find are effective ways to stay motivated:

  • Set goals: It is important to visualize performance ahead of time, and important to set goals (small or large) to keep you going. Having goals to accomplish, requires you to constantly realize what steps need to be taken to get to the goal you want to achieve. It keeps the ‘bigger picture’ at the back of your mind so you never lose sight of what you’ve set out to do!


  • Make a list of reasons of why you want to accomplish a goal: In the course of our busy lives, it’s easy to get sidetracked, in order to reduce this from happening; it’s important to ground yourself into the goals you’ve set for yourself. For the extra assurance, write a list of the reasons as to WHY you want to accomplish a goal. It’s important to know why you want to do something, and you may even realize that you may not have a good reason, or any reason at all for a particular goal you’ve set for yourself. At that point, you’ll have to decide if you want to still go ahead with that goal or get rid of it. Having a list of why you want to do something, helps keep your goals and steps aligned.


  • Break the goals into smaller steps and rewards: By breaking down things into smaller goals, and rewarding yourself when you achieve a small step along the way. This can help focus concentration on smaller steps, and rewarding yourself is always healthy for your mind and body; everyone deserves a treat every once in a while!


  • Have a strategy, but be ready for change: We all know things never always go 100% according to plan, so make sure you do have some sort of plan, but also know that you will have to change accordingly if necessary, to whatever happens in a given situation. Being adaptable and quick to adjust to change, can make it less painful and easier to get to where you need to get to!


  • Have fun! Make sure to have fun along the way. There is no need to stress yourself over every goal you set for yourself, it’s important to be happy as you try to accomplish things, otherwise it’s not worth it!

Hope these tips are useful for you in some way! Stay motivated!

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