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Asalaam Alaikum!

Last week was a theme of Positivity…as chosen by The Positive Muslimah! Some lovely images and words by shared by our bloggers.Do follow the bloggers on Instagram and give them a like.





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This funny, little cactus plant flowers in Winter. Abu Yusra bought it home last December when it had lovely white flowers with a bright pink middle. Throughout Spring and Summer the cactus remained kind of boring with its thick green leaves with no sign of new flowers. I still took care of it but deep down thought it's slowly dying. Then came Autumn, when all the leaves are almost off the trees, my little cactus decides to sprout little by little. And this week two lovely white flowers have blossomed. So in the world outside as the leaves fall and make the trees bare - inside our home we have these beautiful flowers to brighten up our bedroom. I chose this ayah for a reason today with this plant. Just as I thought the cactus won't flower ever gain because it didn't in spring or summer - we sometimes think the impossible cannot happen. We ask Allah for it - but how often do we put our 100% hope in Him. I don't want to doubt anyones intentions - but sometimes things happen and we are told that only a miracle can get you through it. But we still turn to Allah. We find all the best ways to invoke Him. We fast on Mondays and Thursdays. We make dua whilst fasting or on a journey. We call upon Him in sujood in the darkness of the night. Why? Because we Trust Him. And subhanAllah this trust achieves things that no one else can get for us or give us. It gives us sukoon. It gives us hope. It helps us accept what we have and don't have. And then when the dua is answered - just like this funny plant shocked me - we feel overjoyed at our Rabb's Mercy and Kindness. Only one thing to say: Don't give up on dua - it can turn you into a servant that you never knew you could be. "And your Lord said: Call upon Me, I will answer you.." (40:60) Ibn Kathir says about this ayah: By His grace and kindness, Allah encourages His servants to call upon Him, and He guarantees to respond. Sufyan at Thawri said: "Allah hates not to be asked and the son of Adam hates to be asked." #Dua #Cactus #Schlumbergera #Quran #MyLordIsMostKind #MBPhotoOfTheWeek #Positivity @muslimahblogs

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