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Blog Post by: Twenty Five Stars.

The first DIY. I wanted to make it simple, easy & something every girl is in need of. Which is to shorten that abaya or dress. Most of us girls have an abaya/dress that is inside our closet, hardly ever worn because it’s too long. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to learn a cool simple trick that would save you cash from going to the tailors and allows you to finally be able to fix your own abayas, I do.
Shorten that Abaya Shorten that Dress
Let’s get started.

Equipment you will need to shorten that abaya or dress is:

  • tape measure
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • thread
  • pins
  • needle for hand sewing *take this option if you don’t have a sewing machine.
  • sewing machine
*Please note when it comes to abayas I measure in inches, why? because abaya sizes are in inches, and it is more simple. If you prefer to do your measurements in cm please do.
1. Measure yourself. With help from a friend or a family member, measure the length that you require your garment to be. You will need a measuring tape, start from your shoulder and measure down to the length you desire.
2. Lay it down. Now that you have your measurement sorted, lay the garment down on a flat space, whether it is on your dinning room table, or on your carpet.
3. Measure again. Lay the tape measure down on your garment and with your chalk mark the new length you want your garment to be.
You can read the rest of this article at: UNFORTUNATELY THE ORIGINAL BLOG POST HAS NOW BEEN DELETED.

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  • Sarah Ansari

    In this modern just like other fashions the styles of Abayas are also changing. In the past females like to wear the full length Abayas whilst now they are getting shorter day by day. However, this kind of Abayas does not exactly matches Islamic rules but after all it is a type of Abaya.

  • Boksha

    Covering oneself is an instinctive phenomenon. This is seen in the story of Adam and Eve who were covering themselves with the leaves of Paradise when they were unclothed due to their sin. Clothing, whether one may deny it, plays a religious role wherein one has to keep certain areas covered while interacting with others or while praying. There is also a specific dress code while one is performing the pilgrimage to Mecca. In this paper, I wish to discuss the role of the Islamic dress. How it was perceived and how it is seen now. My thesis is that clothing is Islamic if they honor the belief and tenets of Islam. Specification of a particular dress is an unjust approach towards clothing and there are many Muslims who are under this impression. The abaya for a woman and a particular style of the headscarf (hijaab), would be considered Islamic. Wearing trousers for women in some places is stigmatized. For a male, Islamic apparel is an Arabian jilbab, or a Pakistani kurta, a cap, or sometimes a particular color turban. The ideal situation is seen in hajj wherein the dress code is very different from what a person may wear outside of hajj, yet in hajj one is to follow a code established by the religion.

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