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 Blog Post by: Step Inside My Handbag.

Don’t we all have those products and projects that we buy plan to use or make into something but it gets forgotten about. It gets pushed to the back of our wardrobes or drawers because we’ve forgotten about them. Or simply because of procrastination, we want to use them but always seem to find something else to use instead.

This is a post dedicated to all of the unfinished little bits that we all seem to want to finish but never get around to. The project was started by Bombshelldrawer and Bunnywunnie8. Their idea originated from the fact that we all end up buying products that we never end up using or finishing. Then all of our old products just end up getting tossed further and further to the back. This is where #ProjectEmpty stemmed from.

When I was contacted about the project, I thought yes I definitely have some of these products that I never end up using or I never want to finish. The products have to be used up within three months. Here’s what I have chosen for the project and hopefully within three months I can finish them or use them quite a significant amount!

I have five products. Starting from left to right here they are:
  1. I have a Swarovski body lotion. This body lotion is gorgeous and smells amazing, it even leaves a glittery shimmer on your skin only problem is it’s one of those products I love so much I don’t want it to finish! (Hides face). I’m not going to lie, most of my products in this basket are here because I don’t want them to finish.
  2. The Mama Mio body buff and Bust and Neck Firmer are here because I simply haven’t gotten around to finishing them. I have used them, just not as much as I would like to.

You can read the rest of this article at Step Inside My Handbag

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