I have been staying away from making desserts or even baking! However, I could not refrain from it for too long, my hands were itching to make something every time I open the fridge or pantry, non-stop drooling when I see delicious desserts posted by fellow bloggers, social media feeds were raining with cakes and scoops and sweets due the holiday season …. eventually I became so disoriented, forgetful, lethargic, fatigue, and totally disinterested in anything, and then I found myself reading this… and a voice inside me said that I will get better if I have one small tiny scoop of it..definitely. I went right into the kitchen to make it the very day!

I was too lazy to make any elaborate baking or steaming puddings.. This recipe was so apt, and takes so less time to put together. I needed to make it to boost my spirit and trust me, I had the most wonderful weekend devouring this dark chocolate coffee rich pudding with a dash of cream cheese and cinnamon! An instant mood lifter!

Recipe is adapted/inspired from my best blogger friend Rafeeda’s blog. Same skeleton with differently tasting ingredients. The Marie biscuit pack was picked at least 3 months ago to make the chocolate cake that my friend shared but guess it was meant for this one! F is not a dark chocolate fan, but still got him to taste it by with the selling point – “cream cheese”.. though it was just a teaspoon, he was excited to taste 😛 and went on to have more than his share..

I added less sugar so this ain’t a very sweet dish, but a very creamy one with a sweet coffee note. Addition of cinnamon was a last minute idea, and suggested by F. I think it did add in a kick of flavour that went so well with the coffee soaked biscuits. A super easy, quick to put together in no time.. only time is the chilling for at least 2 hours. 

This yields for two too sweet toothed! may be one more person, if you are willing to share.

no bake dark chocolate pudding


Full recipe can be found over at My Life In Yanbu

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