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Asalaam Alaikum!

Recently bloggers in our community were given the chance to review a number of books which included:

  • Brick Walls
  • Without Shame
  • How to Be a Happy Muslim
  • Normal Calm

A big thank you to FB Publishing for allowing our bloggers the opportunity to review their books. Our bloggers enjoyed reading the books and writing the book reviews.


Brick Walls


brick walls

The stories, although short, are brilliant at evoking a range of emotions in the reader. They show some of the injustices that happen and the adversities people in Pakistan face, such as religious extremisim, poverty, war, political corruptness. But then shows how these people will fight against these injustices, and they often show such strength and faith in the face of adversity. Muslim Mummy


The Pakistani American author does not shy away from controversial subjects and her characters provide some insight into a country facing unique challenges and challenges preconceived notions of the people of this country. Despite depicting characters in the harshest of circumstances, she is able to paint a picture of the beauty of humanity in even the most trying of times. Jozi WAHM


The author, Saadia Faruqi has done a remarkable job in displaying the qualities of each character and the imagery of the scene as they go through. This has proved to give a life like view of the story with real to life characters where I myself felt as if I was part of the story or know the characters somehow. Random Bytes of Life


This book gives you so much insight into the actual lives of people that aren’t broadcasted in the media and are kept in the shadow, unknown and unheard of. Saadia Faruqi intended to shine light on their typical lives to show us, the readers, that they too are worthy of some attention and they as well have dreams and ambitions. She revealed the simple truth with the power of her very own words. That’s why she’s a great writer and for that reason I recommend this book to anyone. Reading this book will definitely enrich and cultivate your mind and soul. The Positive Muslimah



Without Shame


Without shame


This book feels like it is set out for greatness. The book is written in a beautiful, almost poetic style, with a complexity of themes that I can imagine perfectly fitting in to a heated literary discussion as a high school or even a university setwork.  Jozi WAHM


The story is sweet and crisp. It had got me hooked from the first page itself unlike some stories which I really need to give a chance for the first two to three chapters. Though in the end I really wished there was more to read but I guess the purpose of the author was to give us an insight about the life of the Bengalis in the 1968 and she did succeed. The Bookish Nomad


How to be a Happy Muslim



How to be a Happy Muslim



The fact that the author is herself a qualified and experienced counsellor, means that this book is a very well written manual on how one can go about achieving a sense of inner peace. It is well structured and has both personal anecdotes, as well as narratives from the Quraan and the sunnah. Raising Young Believers


The suggestions for attaining happiness in this book seem sensible to me and are set out in a simple and easy to follow fashion. There are little ‘Happiness Hints’ along the way, almost like little takeaway nuggets of wisdom for quick absorption. Jozi Wahm


This book taught me that everything in life is temporary but we can still be able to minimize the effect of the negative feelings and maximize the effect of the positive feelings by clearing our mind of the negative ones and focusing on the positive ones. The Positive Muslimah


Normal Calm

Normal Calm


Normal Calm is an eye-opening novel about the hurdles we cross, the dreams we dream, how we achieve our goals whilst still holding firmly to our faith, just like any other woman around us. I wait with baited breathe for what comes next from this truly talented story-teller. Raising Young Believers



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