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Asalaam Alaikum

Our July featured blogger is Christal from Christal Blogs. Christal is a relatively new blogger but has already made an impact with her revert advice section and her Moment from the Lives of the Prophets series this ramadan.


Christal Blogs


Please do a small introduction about yourself.

My name’s Christal and I reverted to Islam 3 years ago and I live in the UK. I love to read, write and eat. I have an undergraduate Law degree and a Masters degree in International Commercial Law. At the moment, I’m concentrating on learning more about the deen and learning Arabic.


What is your blog about?

My blog is about my experiences as a revert and giving advice to those who are newly Muslim or are thinking about reverting to Islam. I also regularly feature articles about how to strengthen you imaan and how spirituality and having a strong connection with Allah swt are essential for navigating this duniya. I feature my 5 Favourite YouTube Finds every week on Friday and do monthly series on different topics.


When and why did you start blogging? Did anyone in particular inspire you to start blogging? I started blogging in February when I finally took the plunge and decided to sign up to WordPress. I’d previously blogged on Blogger but I found the format wasn’t for me. I started blogging because I found that there are many things that people don’t tell you about when you first become Muslim and for some it takes them years to learn. InshaAllah, through my blog I can make these things easily accessible and shareable so we can all benefit.


What do you hope to gain from blogging?

Initially, I just wanted to share my own experiences on the blog but as time has gone on and I’ve spoken to more reverts, I have a renewed passion to tell the stories of others as well. When you first revert it’s normal to think that the experiences you’re going through have never been experiences by others. By sharing people’s stories, inshaAllah I can create a real sense of community among Muslim reverts and let them know that what they’re going through is normal and nothing to panic about.


Where do you hope to see your blog in a few years?

In a few years, I’d like to see my blog become a household name among reverts by making the content even more engaging and informative. I’d also like to put together a comprehensive list of things that every Muslim revert should know and an outline of what things they should learn in the future to help them grow and nurture their imaan. Many reverts are lost in their first year of Islam because they are either led astray or they find it overwhelming to learn all the things people are saying are “essential”. I hope to change that.


Link 3 of your favourite blog posts (from your blog or others).

These are my 3 favourite blog posts from ChristalBlogs

My Vision For Reverts – https://christalblogs.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/my-vision-for-reverts-the-unlocking-series/

5 Ways to Give Sadaqah All Year Around – https://christalblogs.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/5-ways-to-give-sadaqah-all-year-round/

Muslims in the Workplace – https://christalblogs.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/muslims-in-the-workplace-food-for-thought/


Do you have any goals for your blog this year?

This year, I’m hoping to get even more articles on the blog but concentrate more on interviews with other reverts to Islam and book reviews. I love to read and share what I’m reading…. And it gives me another excuse to buy more books!


Christal can be found blogging at Christal Blogs and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Najmah Capal

    Mashaa Allah, I got to know Christal more by reading this. She really deserves to be a featured blogger! May Allah bless her for being an inspiration especially to Revert Muslims and may Allah grant her entry to Jannah. <3
    Najmah Capal recently posted…Story Of A Cancer Patient: The DreamMy Profile

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