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Today’s Five Favourite Finds have kindly been picked by Ruku Kazia.

Five Favourite FindsRuku Kazia loves to make up stories and recipes. She has three daughters aged 10,7 and 3. on whom some of her stories are loosely based. Ruku’s husband and children are happy to give critique on her stories and dishes, much to her delight, and sometimes amusement. She was born in Dubai, but now lives in Virginia USA, with her family. You can find our more about her and her family on her blog:


When I signed up to find this week’s Five Favorite finds, I was glad to have a goal to work towards. These are the five blog posts that I wanted to share with you. I thought I’d go about them like I go about my Friday.

1. Lunch Box Meal Prep

Live Love Organise

It’s the last day of the school/work week for me, so I do a little happy dance, and remind myself I can sleep in tomorrow. But right now I need to finish the week with a bang so I give my kids a pretty looking surprise in their lunch boxes, courtesy of this wonderful blog.!Lunch-Box-Meal-Prep-3-Creative-Meals-for-Your-Freezer-Stash-in-Under-1-Hour/cmbz/55f5bfdd0cf2de902a856c51

2. DIY Sugar Lemon Face Scrub

honey and dates

After the kids are off, I put in a little me time. This is my all-time favorite weekly scrub. So easy, quick and if you accidentally eat some it’s not a big problem;-)


3. Khutbah Junkie

words of a ramadan addict

It’s Friday so we all try to head to Salatul Jumaah, so here’s a lovely read up on it. After years I’ve become more consistent with this prayer, and the reward of listening to the khutbah together with my husband does wonders for our relationship Alhamdulillah.

4. Book Review: Going to Mecca

The Somali Literacy Project

After lunch, my 3 year old and I like to play or curl up with a book. My little one had a school play on Hajj this week, and we’ve been rehearsing her ‘Labbayk song’ and talking more about the significance and the story of Hajj. This book seems like the perfect way to explain things in a simplified manner to younger minds.

5. Weekly Inspiration: Feeling Lazy? Read This

inspired and fabulous

After the frenzy of the work week, and everything that goes with it, it’s good to remember that each of us is promised a reward from Allah for the efforts we put in. I read this beautiful write up, and it helped me remember that if we do our best, we will really get what we deserve.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!


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