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gilded dunyaToday’s Five Favourite Finds have been chosen by Umm Yusra from Gilded Dunya. Umm Yusra has previously taken part and picked her Five Favourite finds and you can read them here.

Mother to Yusra and a striving Muslimah. I am new to blogging and have been sharing my thoughts as I live my life being Umm Yusra. Instilling Islam in my home and my daughter’s life turned me to writing about some of my ideas, struggles and in general about the love of my Deen.

Shawwal: 4 Reasons You Should Uphold Changes from Ramadan

Youthly hub

Loved this article because I needed it. With Ramadan ending my heart felt sad and I needed a reminder that being a servant of Allah isn’t just for Ramadan it’s for everyday of our life and this article was my reminder. Alhamdhulillah.


Work Towards your Aakihrah

the katibah writes

Not a lengthy post but a meaningful reminder about the inevitable that awaits every soul.


Post-Ramadan Blues: What To Do About Them


Another brilliant article talking about what to do post Ramadan.


Connecting Our Children to the Quran


Although this article is some months old I only read it this week and found is so, so beneficial. I’ve shared it with all my friends and they agree with me. If you’re a parent and you want your child to love the Quran- this article gives you practical advice on what to do inshaAllah.


8 Tips to Stay Connected to the Qur’an Post RamadanProductive Muslim

So I think anyone would guess by now that I am deeply missing Ramadan and therefore almost all my picks are related to it. Here’s another gem.

8 Tips to Stay Connected to the Qur’an Post-Ramadan


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