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Just Sharing IslamToday’s Five Favourite Finds have been chosen by Mariam from Just Sharing Islam

A Filipino Muslim born in Saudi Arabia, Mariam whose parents are both authors of Islamic books published at Dar-us-salam, has been writing poetry since her early teens. As a teenager who once owned an interactive advice journal/blog, she is interested in counseling and helping others in only what is right. With a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies, she works as one of the administrators at her parents’ Wisdom Islamic School and writes poetry as a hobby. She believes that Islam should not only be learned on a daily basis but one’s Islamic knowledge should too be shared with others, out of mercy for Allah’s sake.


1. Ten Ways To Increase Concentration In Salah / Random Bytes From Life

random bytes from life
Why I chose this entry:
“Wonderful tips from a sister in Islam
On how to focus while performing Salah,
Which may be the first thing to be asked about
On Judgment Day – to succeed, pray more Sunnahs.”

2. The Beauty Behind Loneliness – The Muslim Bricks / Najmah Capal

The Muslim Bricks

Why I chose this entry:
“While it’s nice to socialize at times, take note
That one must take care when choosing the right friends.
For those who choose to meet with solitude, this
Post explains how loneliness is useful now and then.”

3. Al-Hayaa/Shyness A Part Of Womanhood – Rashida Al Almaniya

Muslimah Wanderer

Why I chose this entry:
“For sisters blamed for being too shy or meek,
Here are some words on the beauty of shyness.
To be shy is not to be a coward but –
To be kind, wise and smart not to be shameless.”

4. Arts And Crafts Topic Five Pillars Of Islam – Multicultural Motherhood

multicultural motherhood

Why I chose this entry:
“As a teacher who teaches some Muslim kids,
And our topic is Five Pillars of Islam,
I found this art to be pretty creative,
Also as a decorative that can stand.”

5. Sweet Dates And Almond Balls – Grains And Gains

Grains and gains

Why I chose this entry:
“A recipe so simple and quick to share,
A sweet snack that can be eaten anytime,
To share with family, loved ones or neighbors –
I bet these sweets taste great with tea by their side.”

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  • Mariam Mababaya JustSharingIslam

    Thank you very much and JazakAllahu khair sisters Fozia and Najmah for allowing me to choose this week’s Five Favorite Finds it was a pleasure exploring random blogs and picking the most interesting blog post for that period MashaAllah again thank you sisters 🙂

    Include each other and all Muslims in your good du’as 🙂
    Wasalaam from Saudi Arabia / Philippines 🙂
    Mariam Mababaya JustSharingIslam recently posted…POEM: Alhamdulillah That My Loving Parents Were StrictMy Profile

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