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Asalaam Alaikum!

So Eid ul Adha is now over for another year. In sha Allah may the pilgrims hajj be accepted Ameen! And may those of us who are yet to go be called upon to embark on hajj soon


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Some of our bloggers have been sharing some of their Eid and Hajj posts.

‘A Traveller in a Gilded Dunya‘ was able to perform hajj 6 years ago mashAllah, and has written a blog post reflecting back on her experience and what she learnt from going on hajj.

SLH Crafts was looking forward to Eid and shared a henna candle tutorial. These are ideal to get into the spirit of Eid and to give as gifts.

Karima’s Crafts shared a tutorial on how to make a paper mache Kaaba. Ideal to make with the children and explain what the Kaaba is. Karima has also shared various Eid crafts so bookmark this for next Eid as it is lots of fun for the children and will keep them busy!

And if you simply want to see some pictures, then Muslim Mummy shared pictures that her husband took on hajj last year.


If you have written any posts regarding hajj and Eid then please do feel free to share them on our FB page in sha Allah. Would love to read them all!



Fozia S

Fozia S

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Fozia S

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