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As Muslimahs, we have a wide, yet limited, options for stylish outfits. We have to ensure to keep them fashionable and modest at the same time.

I know many people, including myself at one point, who had a hard time finding the correct balance between modest clothing and still wanting to dress to the trends.

photo credit: Young Muslim Women via photopin (license) photo credit: Young Muslim Women via photopin (license)

Over the years, I’ve picked up on things that I think can benefit any young Muslim girl get dressed for school, work, or fun! Follow along for a few tips:

Know your body

The 3 key aspects here:

  • Avoid Tight Clothes
  • Avoid see through clothes
  • Avoid low necklines

Avoiding tight clothes will help in not showing the outline and exact shape of your body. You want to wear something modest enough so that everything that needs to be covered, is covered.

In addition, the material of the clothing shouldn’t be thin or see through. It will draw attention to parts of your body, which again, should be left unseen.

Try to avoid low necklines. It will be hard to cover your chest if you do so.

  • Best options that work with these 3 aspects are: maxi dresses/skirts, palazzo pants, long kimonos/cardigans; are perfect for Muslimahs to wear. They are all stylish and modest options!

What’s the occasion?

If you’re going to school, work, the grocery store, or a special event, choose the clothing that suites that occasion.

  • Casual versus fancy clothing

Casual clothes are appropriate if you’re going somewhere low key. Make sure you dress to impress, but keep it simple and laid back so you don’t have to worry about how you’re dressed and can focus on your casual activity.
*My favorite outfit for casual occasions are just plain tees with jeans or yoga pants!

On the other hand, if you’re going to a formal occasion (wedding, birthday, or eid) you would want to fancy things up a bit. So, you can wear a pretty dress, or a skirt and top, with matching heels.

  • Accessories?

Well, every girl likes to add a special touch to her outfit by wearing some accessories of her preference. I love accessorizing, and the best part is, you really can’t be too immodest in doing so! So add on your necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings to finish off your looks!

Who are YOU!

Your personality speaks in the way you dress. The clothing you wear also reflects your self confidence in this world. Being a working girl, I know this firsthand. You want to make sure you dress according to your personality.

  • Best options: Comfortable clothing, add classic items like blazers, try to add colors to your outfit as well! They speak volumes to others—especially non-Muslims—who you may interact with!

Sweet & Simple. Elegant & Modest.

My fashion mantra is these 4 words. I think that is how I would summarize my sense of style and closet, if someone were to ask me.

You want to make sure your clothing is modest, but you want to dress according to the occasion and who you are.

I love wearing basics and plain colors, but always adding on layers or a colored pant, or something to make the outfit more fun.

Try to focus on the color scheme of your outfits as well, as that also plays a huge role in your style.

Don’t be afraid to try various styles, combinations, and outfits! You’ll find your style and make it your own.

Hope these tips helped you all! Keep on stylin away!

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  • Tasneem Khan

    My idea of being modest is going for dresses like abayas, long tunics, long skirts etc. And obviously, being a Muslim women, these would be my first choices.

  • Fawziyat Dakoru

    I love everything about how a muslim girl should dress,and i would love to join or take part in any Muslimah fashion school/house if there is any…because in the city is rare to see any of this and we are limited in this area,so i would really love to get close to my other Muslim sisters too.thanks

  • Kareemat

    Mashaalllahu am glad I found a page like this
    Barakallahu fihee

  • Ayu

    thank you for sharing the information, I am looking for beautiful for muslimah, and I think find the answer here. Nice Website 🙂

  • Sarah Ansari

    Nowadays we have been hearing more demands of modest clothes, being a manufacturers. You have given much good information on this topic. Just like western women Muslim ladies also want to be fashionable but being modest is imperative for them.

  • Amanda

    I think thankfully for all of us that modesty seems to be trending upward as of late. I even saw a recent article in the New York Times.

  • PandJ clothing

    MashALLAH that’s amazing post women outfits with hijab looking gorgeous and beauty of earth nice post thanks for sharing

  • Shannoh

    Modest Clothing is the perfect choice for Muslim women. be stylish and be happy

  • Ella Lopez

    This is a very informative post for fashion lovers. I will try to follow your tips for becoming a fashion icon thanks for this wonderful post.

  • Jessica Louren

    Hi buddy! Awesome sharing with full of information I was searching for. Your complete guidance gave me a wonderful end up. Great going.

  • Walktrendy

    Loved the Content. Agree with the overall pointers mentioned in the blogpost.

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