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rose-288090_1920For us ,the idea of a simple wedding is very boring , there is no fun in it,  no music, no big gathering ,not a good venue?? What ??

Although being muslims ,Islam encourages us to have simpler marriages, but if we look to our wedding extravaganza, it is no where even close to being simple!

A marriage has more meaning than only having fun ,music or good food ! it is how you start your life ,,with values, expectations and commitments.A great wedding cannot  ensure you a happy life or vice versa .

In times of  our Prophet,wedding were simple affairs, if someone has no money to throw even a small feast , people were bringing their own food to eat together, the idea was to share the happiness and give good wishes for newlife.Even teaching some verses of Quran to bride was acceptable  as a mahr(wedding gift) from groom. Well now, we look down upon people whose wedding locations do not  seem good enough, we don’t even want to attend !! The idea of being simple is  now more associated with poverty , but even if someone is poor, Is it a shame ?? How our society looks  down at poor people even rips their self esteem as if they committed a crime !

  1. Does not put financial burden on your parents and yourself.You don’t have to delay your wedding  for years to save thousands of bucks and then spending all that hard-earned money just in one day,
  2. Avoids unnecessary stress before and after the wedding which doesn’t let you enjoy the best moments of your life.
  3. Gives you enough time to enjoy,  You can offer your obligatory prayers peacefully, personally meet your guests, Imagine it is your most important day and you are missing your prayers??  Why ? because you are too dressed up in that suffocating heavy dress, oodles of makeup, jewellery and high heels, you can hardly walk without support, and you need to be on stage for your guests at cost of missing your Salah!

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  • Zainab Dokrat

    I love the idea of a small intimate wedding, its not the usual way nowadays, everyone wants to top the next person and that is such a bad cycle. I tell my parents from now I want is small yet beautiful wedding. A lot of people don’t only want a nikkah and that’s okay, girls dream of the dress and flowers and so on and that’s totally me but I would not want to break the bank for one day. Everything is super expensive nowadays. and parents are paying for it way after its over. Small yet beautiful is possible, also don’t worry about what people think, because people won’t be there to help when you need it. Be honest with everyone you know, in the Indian community especially people automatically expect an invite because you know them from somewhere, and that guest list keeps growing and growing. So make a small list but tell everyone that the wedding is small, don’t lie and say its small when it isn’t. Smaller wedding has more blessing, and let’s be honest as the bride you won’t be stressing out as much on the big day, you will be able to enjoy it more and even walk around and socialize.
    It’s hard to implement the idea of having a small wedding, but it is well worth it, you can have it stunning and small because you will be able to afford it. Also as the bride to be always tell you future hubby that you want a small wedding, so there is no complications with the future in laws as your hubby knows what you want. My anxiety would be through the roof if I had a huge wedding, lol bride eloped after nikkah.

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