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I hear a lot of stories about children being put under stress by teachers. Several trainers are now coming forth to bash about teachers in front of parents. But all these people fail to understand the pressure being put onto teachers because of which teachers tend to act up in ways they are not expected to. No, I am not justifying them but I am trying to bring you to their level so that you can understand the pressure and stress they face on a daily basis.

Imagine a room of 15 children and you alone. Your responsibility is to finish the chapter so that you don’t run behind your schedule. Along with that, you have to take in consideration that each student has their own learning speed. You also need to take care of any dispute that occurs in the class and is answerable for any physical harm caused to a student. This is a just scenario of five minutes. Imagine it goes on for the whole day for a teacher.

As a parent how many times have you lost your cool at your own children (which aren’t as many as students in a classroom)? It’s true that teachers are paid but in some parts of the world they are still underpaid. It maybe half a day’s job but it is the most energy consuming job and they still rarely get the respect they deserve.

It’s true that as humans, teachers need to go through a lot of personal and professional grooming but instead of talking about them in a disrespectful way we ought to give them acceptance. We need to come at their level in order to be able to give advice and solutions.

I had conducted my first workshop for teachers on learning disabilities and that was the first time I realized that teachers are under a lot of pressure. Then I had the opportunity to talk to a few teachers on a personal level. That was when I gave my second workshop on stress management that was specifically designed for teachers. I tried my best to come to the level of the teachers who were present in that workshop.

My purpose to write this article is that we realize the many issues a teacher goes through. She may not just be a teacher, but a single-mother, only support of her family or suffering from a health problem. Schools need to take their teachers’ well-being in account as well. Parents need to reconsider the way they hold teachers responsible for everything wrong that takes place in a classroom. Sometimes their own child is difficult to look after. When a parent bashes at a teacher without listening to their side of the story, it will only teach the child to be more disrespectful to their teacher. Education will not be successful if school, parent and teacher play the blame game. They need to come together, sink in their differences and become solution oriented. That itself can teach your child a very meaningful lesson.

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