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    Buy Phentermine From Canadian Pharmacy

    We usually hear people say ‘living a balanced life.’ If you really think about it, it is quite an abstract term because every person’s definition of a balanced life varies. One definition of a balanced life is that allocating equal time for family, work, friends and other important activities. But this is not the one which I want to address in this article. The purpose of this article is to address a ‘balanced life’ which means to balance between Deen and Dunya.

    A balance between Deen and Dunya! Sounds familiar, right? Well, most of the Muslims say it and I used to be a little confused about it. I mean if we are supposed to maintain an equilibrium between Deen and Dunya does that means one must party all night and pray all day or lie according to ones benefits whenever needed while also preaching people. I am sure you are disagreeing now and I am really glad about that.

    Well, actually no one really have to juggle between Deen and Dunya and make their lives extremely difficult because my dear sisters and brothers, ‘Deen is a way of life.’ When we say that, it truly means that Deen has all the aspects of this life and the Hereafter laid down for us to simply follow. We do not have to make our lives difficult by telling ourselves to divide our time between Deen and Dunya. We don’t need to create any sort of stress for ourselves because anyone who plainly follows the Qur’an and Sunnah is actually living a balanced life.

    The Qur’an and Sunnah doesn’t only talks about matters that are related to worshipping Allah but also covers the topics of our daily living. It has got topics which teaches the ethics of living with your family, communicating with friends, serving the community that you live in, caring about the Muslim Ummah, looking after animals, how to handle business dealings and the rightful ways of earning. The Qur’an and the Sunnah has covered every topic which you need to be educated about.

    Two weeks ago I was revising for my examination in the university and it was a Friday. Right next to my university is a mosque for teachers where the Jumm’ah Khutbah was taking place and while studying I was clearly able to listen to it and Alhumdulilah that I got that opportunity. The Imam was lecturing on the topic of ‘valuing our time’ during which he mentioned Sunnahs in which the Prophet (P.B.U.H) gave equal time to his family, work and to his companions. It was an eye opener for me because like everyone even I was one of those who talked about balancing life between the Deen and the Dunya.

    But now Alhumdulilah Allah has lessened that burden. All I have to focus on is applying the verses of Qur’an and Sunnah in my life and Insha Allah that will be enough to have success in this Dunya and the Aakhirah. Truly, Deen is a way of life.    

    Balance Scales

    Buy Phentermine From Canadian Pharmacy

    Aisha Idris, a psychologist who loves inspiring people through her written words. She takes interest in learning the psych of kids. Trying out new dishes that involve pasta, travelling around like a nomad, making sweet savouries and drinking coffee is her ultimate hobby.

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