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Blog Post by: Umm Johar.


Assalamu Alaykum everyone! I pray you’re all doing well.

With Ramadan fast approaching us I have decided to post some of my tips for Ramadan Preparations. It’s never too early to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan.

When I first reverted to Islam I didn’t know what to expect during Ramadan. I didn’t know about taraweeh, I didn’t know what time I was allowed to break my fast. I literally knew absolutely nothing. Alhamdulillah this will be my 3rd Ramadan.

My first 2 Ramadans were very lonely. I didn’t know anyone in the community except for one family and they were always so busy with their own lives and family that I didn’t feel like reaching out. I didn’t want to be a burden anyone. I broke Iftars by myself with my 2 daughters. Having no community or friends during Ramadan is super hard for us reverts. I don’t think people really understand just how lonely it is. Eid was even worse. Everyone was off celebrating with their friends and family they forget about us reverts in the community. Alhamdulillah for my sister who came out to an Eid carnival with me and my daughters.

I never want any reverts to feel like this. I know first hand. With all of this being said, if you know of any converts / reverts in your community, make sure you reach out to them this Ramadan and Eid. You don’t know how much of a blessing it is and how much it means to reach out and to help someone out when they need it. So please do remember the reverts this Ramadan. Most of us don’t have family to practise or celebrate with. All of this is a reminder to myself first.

I’ve realized the key to having a successful Ramadan is to have everything planned out ahead of time.

Here are some tips to help you have a successful Ramadan.

Tip #1- Eid Shopping!

Figure out your Eid outfit as well as your Eid gifts before Ramadan. The Last thing you want to be worrying about during this blessed month is what you’re going to wear on Eid. I know how important this is to the sisters. So let’s get this out of the way! Make a list of everyone who you are getting Eidy for and buy their Eid gifts ahead of time. You really don’t want to be stressing over whether to get A’isha the bangles or that cute abaya she was eyeing in the store the other week.

Tip #2- Meal Planning.  

I think one of the most time-consuming things we do during Ramadan is preparing Suhoor and Iftaar. Let’s prioritize Ibadaah not cooking. To make it a little bit easier plan your Ramadan menu now. Go grocery shopping for all of the spices and dry foods.  Prepare and freeze your rolls and baked goods at least 15 days before Ramadan. As for meat and curries you can prepare and freeze those the first few days before Ramadan to make it cooking a lot easier. Don’t forget to read tons of Dhikr while cooking so that blessings go into the food.


You can read the rest of this article at Umm Johar’s Blog

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