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photo credit: dates on the half shell via photopin (license)

photo credit: dates on the half shell via photopin (license)

Ramadan is fast approaching and will be upon us before we know. Many of our bloggers are preparing special Ramadan series, while some have already started. With just over a month to go, we asked some of our bloggers to explain why they are looking forward to Ramadan and what they hope to gain from it.


single muslim mums


I’m hoping my family gets closer to each other this year and Allah swt and our deen. I’m a single mum breastfeeding a 7 month old and I hope it will be manageable for me and my 3 kids in sha Allah!





This Ramadan I hope to be rejuvenated with a wealth of knowledge of my religion and a spiritual boost. I hope to create an atmosphere in my home that will allow for the acts of worship, feelings of closeness to Allah, and all things good to carry throughout the year. I will enter Ramadan with eagerness and excitement with the intention to do all to please Allah and to be a better Muslima above all things, and bring that inspiration to others in shaa allah. www.MeMuslima.com






I am hoping to strengthen my iman more this Ramadan and keep it even after..start with small sunnahs and not stopping them

I’m sharing ramadan prep savoury recipes so head over to




gilded dunyaThis Ramadan I am hoping to focus on my relationship with the Quran and making night prayer (qiyam ul layl) a habit.

Every Ramadan I recite extra Quran and wake up before suhur to pray at least 2 rakahs of salah. But this year I want to do qiyam ever
y night and more than 2 rakahs.

I will work on my relationship with the Quran by memorising surahs, reading the translation and tafseer too. I want to spend the long days in a productive way and iA achieve closeness to Allah.https://gildeddunya.wordpress.com/



karimas crafts

Every Ramadan my family of 5 are alone in the UK, but this year for the first time in our nearly 18 year marriage we are going abroad to celebrate the end of Ramadan in a Muslim country and also for the first time ever celebrate Eid with our Muslim family abroad. So this year is going to be so different for us insha’Allah. I know it will be hard fasting abroad but we are all looking forward to having a different Ramadan/Eid insha’Allah.






I want to draw closer to the Qur’an inshaAllah. Every year I aim to finish it with the wrong intention but this year my intention is to understand it, not just to rush through the verses. I also want to use the time to reflect on how I want my Islam to grow, I don’t know about everyone else but following Ramadhan I seem to lost clarity and focus on the akhirahhttps://christalblogs.wordpress.com/





The muslim bricksThis year will be my 3rd year of spending Ramadan away from my family and outside Saudi Arabia. Ramadan would be challenging because I cant go for taraweeh at masjid like how I used to with my family because I don’t have family with me to accompany me, and I’m having my classes too. But, I’ve been waitin for this Ramadan because I really need it. I want to grab the opportunity and make it my best Ramadan by spending more time in reading and learning the Qur’an. I want to participate in Ramadan activities of the few Muslims here in my place.www.themuslimbricks.com / www.bynajmah.com




If I am honest my faith does waver alot and I have a lot of downs, rather than ups. I am hoping that Ramadan will help increase my love and imaan. In sha Allah I want to be able to actually sit down and read and finish the Quran in this month as I don’t read it as much as I should. In sha Allah I will reach a closeness to Allah (swt) which I have struggled to feel recently. www.muslimmummies.com



The Life of AaliyahThis year will be my 8th Ramadan, alhamdulillah. Even after eight years I still feel really excited when I think about Ramadan and the excitement builds as it draws nearer. This Ramadan I hope to read more Qur’an, perform more voluntary prayers and use my time wisely in order improve myself. www.thelifeofaaliyah.com


Muslim-Mother-2Ramadan is just a wonderful peaceful time. I’m eager to participate and work really hard to please Allah and seek His forgiveness. I’m looking forward to the great night which is better than a thousand nights so that every deed I do will multiply and every dua will be accepted, inshaaAllah!

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  • chickenruby

    I’m not a Muslim and I hope you don’t mind me responding, but I’ve lived in Dubai for the past 6 months, prior to moving here I booked a trip to Canada which I now know means I will be away during Ramadan. this morning I was feeling headachy and realised I hadn’t had enough fluids and it made me realise just how difficult it would be for me to not eat or drink during day light hours, especially in this heat, for me just to follow the same as you I would find it hard because I would not have the same motivation as you. I’d be interested to know how Ramadan affects your health and your ability to do normal day to day things.

    • admin

      Hi, Chickenruby. Of course we don’t mind you responding. Happy to answer questions. I must admit, that for me personally I do end up with headaches the first few days and do end up getting tired and to be fair, moody. However, the body adjusts. I just ensure I have a lot of fluids at sunrise and sunset.
      admin recently posted…Ramadan is almost here!My Profile

    • Proud_Mum

      Hello there, it’s not as bad. Like someone else said we do get enough fluid before we start fasting and also it is always good to eat food that is slow in releasing energy so it lasts longer. But on top of all, it’s all about faith. We believe as Muslims this is requirement from us and just like anything else we do please our Creator, in no way is this a burden. And also it’s about believing in yourself, if you believe you can do it the you will inshallah

    • ChristalBlogs

      Hi Chickenruby!
      I would say for Muslims Ramadhan may be a physical abstenance from food but the main focus is on the spiritual. We wake up before the morning prayer to eat things that will keep us hydrated and keep the hunger at bay for as long as possible like dates, watermelon, plenty of water and stay away from things like coffee, tea, fried foods and other drinks that can cause dehydration. If anything, I find that during and after Ramadhan my mind and body are sharper and in better health than when I can eat all day because you have to be choosey about what you eat to ensure you get the right nutrients and minerals on a daily basis.
      Ramadhan is not only a physical cleanse or ‘detox’ as some call it, it’s a spiritual cleanse as well.
      The first few days are hard but your body does adjust and when the month comes to an end I can assure you EVERY Muslim misses it!

  • liliana mesquita

    Im a revert, converted, only 2 years ago and i do struggle a lot. I find it very challanging the first few days i get dizzy and headaches, tummy pains, tiredness….after a few days im ok and my body adjusts. I do ramadan as its one of the pillars of islam. A bit like lent could be considered very inportant for a catholic nun. This year will be particularly hard as where i live i can only eat or drink for 3.5 hours a day but it wont stop me doing it. One does apprishiate things a lot more after. Im also aways surprised how amazing the human body is how we can cope.

  • Somayya

    Hi Chickenruby,
    Welcome to this wonderful blog.

    Yes it can cause headaches at times but we should be sure to drink plenty of fluids in the evening to try to ease this. The health benefits of fasting are amazing. It’s not designed to make us suffer. Fasting cleanses and purifies your body and mind. It’s like a dettox to rid our body of all the rubbish we may have consumed overtime. Spiritually it has many benefits too. The mistake many people make is seeing it as 30 days of hardship and think that it is to remind us of how many people around the world feel having no food to eat. Yes this is a part of the reason but our health is also a major part to help us to become stronger and patient in times of hardship. Hope that answers your question. Have a nice day
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  • Myda Tahir

    Well, may Allah bestow all HIS blessings and Mercy onAll of us and Make it MAQBOOL for us.
    Myda Tahir recently posted…Book Review: Unleashing Your Creativity By MajidMy Profile

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