Ramadan Day 17 – Are You Lagging Behind In Finishing Qur’an This Ramadan?

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It is the 17th of Ramadan. Around 12 days left for this blissful month to end and you must have realized that there is still a lot of Qur’an left to finish reading. So here I have a few steps through which you can reach your goal of finishing Qur’an this month.

Count the remaining pages

If you really want to finish Qur’an this month then you ought to act systematically. Count the number of pages left and divide it by the remaining number of days. For instance, there are 200 pages left of your Quran. Divide it by 11 days and you get 18.18…. So you should be at least reading 20 pages (after rounding off) a day to finish Qur’an before Ramadan ends.

Reflect on your activities

Reflect on what made you lag behind so much. Was it because of extra work load? Are you wasting your time online or doing any other activity that is taking up a lot of your time? Then think of ways you can lessen the non-Islamic activities and switch it with reading Qur’an.

Create your Qur’an reading schedule

Now you know the number of pages that you need to read each day. Fix time slots during which you will read a set number of pages to reach your day’s goal. It can be after every obligatory prayer or before suhoor. Whatever you decide, be determined about it.

Don’t stop reading Qur’an after Ramadan ends

The last reason why some people find themselves slow in reading Qur’an is because they don’t attempt to read it all year round. They let it collect dust on the shelves and only open them when the moon for Ramadan is sighted. If you are guilty of doing this then don’t do it after this Ramadan ends. Continue reading Qur’an every day even if you read just two pages a day.

lagging behind in Quran Ramadan

May Allah reward you for every act of worship.

Jazakillah khairun kaseerun

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