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Every time Ramadan comes & goes we tend to reflect on the month – did we do enough ibadah? Did weask for enough forgiveness? Did we read enough Quran? Did we forget to invite somebody to iftar?

We think about how fast the days went (especially the last ten) & long for the holy month once the festivities
of Eid are over.

For those people who already organise their days with planners or apps so that they get the most out of their time, their Ramadan days are usually adjusted for suhoor, iftar invites, extra ibadah & late night prayer.

Some people even take the whole month off work which can make it easier, however working mother’s whether they work from home or outside the home may find that being more organised & productive can help them enjoy this month so much more.

Here are a few tips & ideas for an organised & productive Ramadan day:

  • Eat healthy – as I tend to say “productivity thrives amongst healthy energy” & when you’re fasting
    you particularly need to make good food choices that give you proper nutrition & energy. Ensure
    you keep up the hydration during eating times & limit foods that have flavour but no benefit.


  • Sleep well – many Muslims mention how little sleep they get in Ramadan because they stay up later
    than normal reading Quran or making night prayers & then waking up early for suhoor, however
    sleep is important for productivity & you may need to consider having a day nap if your nights are
    too short.


  • Prioritise tasks – start your day knowing exactly what your most important tasks are & dedicate a
    specific time for them. Mornings are a blessed time to get things done & probably the most
    energised time of the day for a fasting person.


  •  Make realistic plans – where possible plan your days in a way that encourages you to stay focussed
    & on top of all that you have to do by knowing when you’ll do work tasks, house chores or spend
    time with family. It can be as simple as a daily to-do list or following a daily planner as long as it
    works for you.


  • Be consistent – doing the same tasks in the same order every day is not always boring if it helps you
    get things done & rather consistency is an important way of maintaining a successful routine &
    introducing healthy or new productivity habits.


  • Avoid procrastination – if something needs to get done & you have the time & energy to do it, try
    not to procrastinate as it’ll only get you behind on other tasks & hamper your productivity.


  • Meal plan – try to plan your suhoor & iftar meals ahead of time so that you have food choices
    already decided & so there’s no last minute stops to the grocery store, especially if you’re working
    during Ramadan.


  • Start donation boxes – whilst Ramadan may not be the ideal time to declutter your home, have a
    donation box ready to add items to as you go about your day as this can mean less stuff to clean
    around & less tidying up & visual clutter. Plus someone in need may have a better use for what you
    no longer want.


  • Put things back – there’s nothing more frustrating than having to look for things especially when
    you’re in a rush so try to give everything you have a home & always put things back & tell your
    household members to do the same.


  • Be nice to yourself – when we make all our plans & they still don’t happen because of things out of
    our control it can definitely be frustrating, however don’t prolong the upset & understand that
    some things are not in our hands & that you can always try again tomorrow in’sha’Allah.

10 tips productive ramadan

So there you have it, some tips & ideas that can help you enjoy your Ramadan days a lot more especially if you’re a busy, working mother because they’re more organised & productive.

Please let me know what you think & any other tips you have to share as I’d love to hear & learn about them.

Author Bio:

Fatima is a coffee-drinking, planner-making, stationery-loving mother of 3 from Australia who helps sisters get their chaos under control by creating an organised lifestyle, where you’ll find her writing over at By Fatima.

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