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Asalaam Alaikum


Newbie Sunday Showcase is all about introducing some of our bloggers who have blogs that are less than 1 year old!

Today’s blogs are both around 7 months old.



YE’ is to Ayesha and ‘INA’ is to Samina.

Two struggling souls, countries apart, with hearts as one. Sisters by birth and best-est of friends, commonly known as the “twin-ninjas”, trying to achieve the best of this world and hereafter.

It all started as an idea filled in a joke. But thanks to the month of blessings (Ramadan), we were able to put that idea into reality. We wanted a platform to share bits of our lives that can possibly help many. And hope to receive pieces of your lives that may benefit many.

Ayeina as an urdu word means a mirror…

اَلْمُؤْمِنُ مِرْآةُ اَلْمُؤْمِنِ – The believer is the believer’s mirror.

This blog will basically run with our lives and thoughts, under the shade of our beliefs – To step out of the stagnant phase and remind ourselves why are we here, while yearning for a Sadaqah Jariyah that we wish, leads to Jannah for us and for everyone of you.


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nad designs

Hello there!!!  I’m Nadia  and welcome to my  fun blog featuring  interiors, decor  inspiration & crafts.

This blog is a creative outlet  beside my freelance styling and design job focusing on what I truly find exciting . I aim to inspire and share unique tips on how to style your space  without having to spent a lot of money.

I am inspired by different cultures, my travels, nature, & interesting architecture and designs. I’m drawn to contemporary shapes, organic textures, fresh & bold colour palettes, and anything with a bit of Moroccan / eastern feel.


If you have a blog that is less than 1 year old then please ensure you are on our directory and drop us a mail to say you would like to be featured.


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