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We held our first ever Blog Post Challenge recently from 5-9th November in our Facebook group. The aim of the challenge was to help some of our bloggers get writing and working on their blog. Many were saying they were feeling demotivated and just couldn’t get into writing, or weren’t sure what to write about….so what better way then to get a challenge going!


Day 1 – New or Old

Our first day was writing about  old and new. Bloggers were able to interpret this in any way they wanted and we had a number of entries:

Day 2 – Seasons or Weather

Again bloggers were able to interpret this any way they wanted and it was interesting to see the variety in posts:

Day 3 – Stress

As it was National Stress Awareness day this was the perfect topic.

Day 4 – Best Kept Secret

A more open topic on Day 4 to see what the bloggers could create as a blog post.

Day 5 – World Kindness Day

With World Kindness Day coming up, we decided to end our challenge with it as a writing prompt.


The Prize and Winners

Access to our 2017 Muslimah Bloggers Summit was being offered to the winners.

We decided 2 sisters should win. These sisters posted every day and also consistently commented on the other posts that were entered.

Congratulations to:





If you want to take part in future challenges or simply just get some advice and support about your blog then please do join our main Facebook Group: Muslimah Bloggers.


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  • Jameela

    It was great fun to both write and to read what others have written on the topics. There was no pressure as we could choose to write to the prompt or not for that day. Of course, if you wanted to win the challenge then it made you that extra creative and gave you that extra push to keep writing!

  • Shaziya Fayas

    I really enjoyed the challenge too! The prompts gave me something to think about and get started! Sometimes finding a topic puts me in a rut! I also loved the different view points on each topic. Looking forward to
    More challenges!

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