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Asalaam Alaikum

The nominations are in and voting can commence! You have until 15th December to submit your votes in sha Allah. Please try to vote in each category.

Although initially we said we would take the top 5 bloggers in each category over….we have decided to stick with last years format and take 10 blogs in each category forward to the voting stage. So many amazing blogs out there and they all deserve a shout out.

So without further ado here are the top 10 nominees for each category.


Nomination for Best Arts/Crafts Blog (including literacy)


Nomination for Best Fashion and Beauty Blog


Nomination for Best Food/Recipe Blog


Best Lifestyle Blog


Nomination for Best Parenting Blog


Nomination for Best Education Blog


Nomination for Best Religious Blog


Nomination for Best Travel Blog


Nomination for Best Health Blog


Nomination for Best Personal Development/Productivity Blog


Nomination for Best Business Blog


Nomination for Best Youtube Blogger


Nomination for Best Instagrammer


Nomination for Best Blog Facebook Page


Nomination for Overall Most Inspirational Blogger





As a thank you for voting one of our sponsors, Na’ima B Robert, has offered a free ebook for downloading: ‘Be The Hero: 6 Ways to Finding Your Inner Awesome’.

The link to download can be found at the bottom of the voting form.

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  • Umm Affan Hashmi

    Many congratulations to the nominees!

    Well deserved ♡

  • Goolam mahomed

    Great way of giving or Muslimahs a voice and opportunity. Well done to all

  • Khalida huq

    Just came across your Instagram and website
    Great idea
    Congratulations to all nominees
    If I’d have known about you earlier I’d have recommended looking up Sofia reads on Instagram. Although I have no idea what category that would go under

  • Melissa

    Wow, congratulations to all the nominees!
    Mel x

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