Which of Your Lord’s Favours Will You Deny??

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Blog Post by: Strokes of My Pen.

Lord's Favours

While some people are born in the luxury of a rich family someone else is born in the streets.
While some people are lucky enough to have been breastfed by their mothers, some don’t know their mothers’ names. While some people are born to a fancy life of bread, cheese and butter, some are born with Kwashiorkor and Marasmus. While some are born to immediately learn the world of internet, cartoons and play station, some are born to learn the world of drought, hunger and poverty. While some people’s biggest problem is not knowing what latest car model they should buy, some people can’t even define in words which is their biggest problem.

We tend to take so many things in our lives for granted; like how much Allah has blessed us. Not just blessed us but REALLY blessed us. We complain and whine over the small tests sent to us yet we forget about the people less advantaged than us. However hard your battle is, do know there are millions of people facing harder problems than you are. Keep reminding yourself of the people in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen; people who have never seen fireworks in their lives except the fire from bombs and grenades. Remind yourself of people in drought areas, people living in what they call a ‘house’ yet all rain pours in. Remind yourself of the homeless and the ones fighting for their lives in hospitals.


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  • TheIslamicLight

    Mash’Allah loved this post. It’s definitely a great reminder of the things we take for granted!
    I just published a similar post on my blog regarding happiness 🙂

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