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Asalaam Alaikum

With Ramadan less than a month away I thought we would ask some of our bloggers what their favourite thing about Ramadan is.


Brit Deshi Mummy

It’s the only time of the year that we ALL sit together as a family for a meal (for an entire month) haha! So it’s great having the fact that we are all fasting that struggle and blessing of Ramadan that we can all feel and relate to together. 




By Shahira

Family meals for Ifthar, Community feeling at Taraweeh, the sense of peace during the Qiyam Al Lail prayers during the last ten days, the water trickling down your throat after a long summer day of fasting, the feeling of wanting to do more good or not wasting your time, a sense of urgency to finish reading the Quran, trying to control your anger, forming family traditions during Ramadan specific to our little family, trying to make new recipes. … there is not one thing that I can pinpoint to wards what I like the most. A long time ago, the sense of community on Twitter especially during Post-Suhoor/Fajr time



A Muslim Mama

Ramadan in cayman islands are strictly community affair. The WHOLE muslim community (sadly whole community comprises of around 100 muslim people only) gathers at the masjid for Aftar and Taraveeh! EVERY SINGLE DAY. People from far away places, from different races, having a distinct culture leave their differences aside and settle down around the food-spread and wait for Adhan to be called to break their fast. This feeling of unity is extremely rare and precious in the whole world. We do not have any regular imam here on island, but one amazing imam visits us every Ramadan from UK to lead Taraveeh. So we have a small talk after isha and Daily Taraveh. On the nights of Qadar we stay really late at the masjid with out kids sleeping there while the lights are turned off and imam making the dua and the only other sound is that of sobs and sniffs – totally iman rejuvenating experience. On the night before eid we stay late and apply heenah on each others hand and part ro meet for Eid next day. I love Cayman ramadans!


Fabulously Liberated

The peace and tranquility of the nights of ramadhan and the muslim community makes ramadhan special for me. Seeing the masajids full, tafseer and Quran recitations everywhere, seeing everyone being charitable and caring for one another, and trying to be different.

Ramadhan shows me my true self. Who I can be? What I can achieve? Proof that I can actually be better, do better with my health, food, deen,by my Lord, my kinsmen, my work and my studies.


Tiffin and Tea

It is the one time of the year when all Muslims are focussed on the aakhirah and as such tailor their lives accordingly. All the everyday petty distractions are put aside. Previous divisions seem to disappear. Everyone seems to be one working together and supporting each other towards earning the pleasure of Allah.




Shukr Allah Blog

The ambiance/atmosphere along with the sense of community.

(You don’t need to add this part but I live in Egypt and my relatives told me that during the month of Ramadan a majority of our Christian neighbours tend to leave/go on vacation/abroad because they don’t want their children to witness/experience the special month of Ramadan when the Ummah really take charge of their nafs and you can visually see people’s Imaan growing… AllahuAlem how true that is!)

BUT it’s true that every Muslim around the world does something during Ramadan and I can only imagine how the world would feel towards Muslims/Islam if we worshipped Allah all year, like we do in Ramadan. Bearing in mind “worship” in Islam is not just praying in the masjid but treating others better and caring for the environment etc..


A Muslimah's WritingA Muslimah’s Writing

The fact that I realise that it’s not Satan to blame but it’s my nafs. I realise my own shortcomings and pitfalls better. Since I live in Jeddah and a lot of my relatives live in other cities of the Kingdom, they all come visit us in Ramadan after their Umrah. It’Also, we love having Umrah guests from back home too(India).


Muslimah Mom

The definitive cooking routine. The community feeling of togetherness in faith and actions. The fact that you can amass enormous amounts of ajr.

Ramadan is what I call the spiritual boot camp training for the other 11 months, where focus and positivity folks the air. Where the spirit of giving and the potential to be good shines out in everyone.

All these make it a period of paradise on earth, so much so that you wish it remains so, all year round. But it can’t possibly be, as the sweetness of Ramadan lies in its occasional coming. May Allaah make us witness many fruitful Ramadan on earth.


“The feeling that you have to own your mistakes because you can’t blame it on shaitan – That sense of responsibility which drives you towards action is the best thing about Ramadan! <3 Things that you think are out of your reach because you can’t accomplish them, start to feel so close all of a sudden alhamdulillah!”



Nusaybah’s Musings

I love the spirituality that surrounds the entire month. It makes me so happy to see everyone making efforts to better themselves during this month.
Ramadan for me is always a reminder of what I’m capable of doing everyday .


Naila’s Diary

To be able to declutter home, being organized n using time productively, building new habits, making loads n loads of dua begging Allah, the whole ambiance n the feeling, the spiritual high n building a strong connection with Allah.

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  • BritDeshiMummy

    What a lovely post! It’s wonderful to read the different aspects of Ramadan that make it such a special and memorable month for all. Unity is definitely a common theme 🙂


    Honored to be a part of the list <3 may we all spend a productive Ramadan!

  • Asbah alaena

    Loved reading everyones reason to look forward to ramadan – @ayeina – ahh we cant even blame shaitan. How true

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