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With so much to do in a day we find ourselves rushing with our daily tasks. Also, anyone having several plans to achieve in their lifetime might have found themselves rushing through things every once in a while. Then there comes a point when you know you are doing it all too fast thus tiring yourself.

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So here I share a few points to help you from stop rushing and become calmer.

Why rush?

So you think by rushing you will achieve your goals faster. Well, that could be a possibility but don’t you think by rushing with your work, the quality of your work will deteriorate. So instead of finishing your work quickly you will actually have to spend more time perfecting it.

A perfect strategy to remain calm

Before starting with your work, take a deep breath and don’t forget to say Bismillah. A simple way to work calmly is to keep reciting; ‘Astagfiruallah,’ ‘Alhumdulilah,’ and ‘La hawla wala quwata illa billa hil alahil azeem.’ Of course these are the few that I am sharing you can recite any other Quranic verses as well.

This helps you to remain mindful of what you are doing. If you struggle with rushing while driving you can try this same technique to help you slow down. See that you recite it with correct pronunciation.

Will of Allah

One last thing that you should remember whenever you are doing some work is that it will only happen by the Will of Allah. So rushing or no rushing, it will only be accomplished when Allah Wills. Hence instead of hurrying with work, you should focus on putting in your best efforts.

So keep doing your work and keep working towards your goals. Keep your intentions right and leave the rest to Allah.

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