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Just like us women, men also have their downfalls. Living in a patriarchal society doesn’t mean that men face no hurdles and are always confident about themselves. There is always a silent competition among men as well. Also, many of you who have got loving husbands would know that the society’s idea of ‘all men are same’ is not always true. Many of you might have husbands who are working hard to make ends meet so why not dedicate this post to them.

Many times women do their best to motivate their husbands only to end up having a quarrel. Your intentions are never wrong but sometimes it is difficult to know what’s best for your husband. Hence here are a few ways discussed to help you motivate your man so that you can live a prosperous life.

Show that you trust him

Men love when they see their woman relying on them. They feel that they are doing a great job when they see their woman trusting them. They can get irritated by a woman who is always envious about their busy routine. When wives constantly question them about their whereabouts and with whom they are, men feel that they are being doubted. When a woman shows trust to her man it makes him feel that he is a good person, he is honest and trustworthy. He compares his woman’s trust in a general way that if his wife finds him trustworthy he is also trusted among his other acquaintances. This in turn helps him be a gentleman. 

Do something special

Don’t wait for an occasion to do something special. Instead do something and make it into an occasion. From time to time get him gifts, cook him his favourite meals, and book a day out with him. This will make your man feel wanted. It can even be as small as initiating intimacy. It was published in the Happy Wives Club website, that when you initiate romance it reinforces your man’s mind and some studies also show that his confidence increases in other aspects of his life as well.

Celebrate his successes

We all love when our loved ones appreciate us for our big and small achievements. As females we are usually very expressive when it comes to being happy and asking others to join in the fun. But men are different when it comes to being expressive. Most men like to celebrate their successes with only those who are very close to them such as their parents and their life partner. Hence make it a point to always congratulate him for all his big and tiny successes. He would love to see you be a part of his happiness. If your man feels low about the success being small then motivate him by saying that it is still an achievement. This will only boost his confidence to attain more in his life. 

Spend quality time

When you put in efforts to spend quality time with your husband he will feel that he is important to you. This will validate his existence and when that happens he will feel motivated to do more good in his life. He will take interest in his life and will be able to pursue his dreams. Also, by spending quality time you will be able to strengthen your relationship with him which will further boost his confidence. A secure relationship plays an important role in boosting people’s confidence.

Give him complete attention when talking

When he is making an effort to discuss out his matters with you, be polite enough to listen to him. Do not be busy in watching television or replying to text messages. Give him full attention so that he knows that you are interested in what he has to say to you. The best way to give attention to your man is to look at him in the eye, blinking naturally.

Verbalize your appreciation

In this era of technology, we are so used to using emoticons and written words that we have forgotten to speak out our feelings. The most effective way to get your message across to another person is by saying it. Sometimes all you need to do is thank him for all the things he has done for you and the efforts he puts in the relationship. Tell him that it means a lot to you when he takes care of his children and gets the house chores done. This will not only boost his confidence but will also keep him motivated in doing what he is already doing for the family.

Ask for his guidance when possible

Ask for his advice whenever you find yourself confused about an issue. Make him feel that you trust him for his opinions and that he is wise enough to guide you to the right path. Byron Davis writes in his article ‘7 Ways to Empower Your Husband,’ “asks for your man’s advice so that he feels appreciated and validated for the little things he brings to the relationship.” 

Advise him when he looks up to you

When a man considers you his someone special, he will often turn to you for advice in important matters of his life. At that moment if you reciprocate by responding back with qualitative suggestions he will know that he is doing something worthy in his life. He will be inspired to pursue his dreams and do what he is best at. He will be able to provide the best to the relationship and to your family as well.

8 Ways to Positively Motivate Your Husband

Never underestimate the influence you can have over your man. Rick Johnson, author of The Man Whisperer: Your Man’s Language to Bring Out His Best wrote in his book, “Women often don’t realize the amount of power they have when it comes to the men in their lives.” This means you play an important role in keeping him motivated towards his life goals so do your best in inspiring him.

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