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As we enter fall, exam season begins for many students. A lot of people feel anxiety about how to handle their stress and studying. Every person learns differently, so how you revise for your exams will depend on this Nevertheless, here is some advice using Islamic teachings as a basis for all of you exam takers out there!


  1. “Indeed, with hardship will be ease.” (Quran94:6)

This is my favorite verse in the Quran. I have this on a sticky note in my room as well, and every time I look at it, it helps me put everything into perspective. No matter what difficulty you are going through, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Instead of being afraid of your upcoming tests, control your mind. Mentally preparing yourself is the first step in success. Tell yourself that the next two days, weeks, months, etc are going to be all devoted to studying. Give yourself something to look forward to after the end of exams—a prize, a gift, a treat to yourself. If you give up a little bit of time NOW to study, and inshAllah you succeed on the exam, not only will you be happy with the outcome, the time that you put into studying will be nothing compared to the extra free time you have left over after.


  1. Time Management

For me, this was never a huge issue. I am someone who can really focus on my studies regardless of the million issues in my life. I am good at separating the two when it comes time to working hard.
For my sister, this is not the case. She is not a bad student, but she waits until the last moment to do her assignments because she keeps telling herself she has SO much time till its due.
I tell her repeatedly that if she finishes her work early, she’ll be at so much more ease and will have time to actually relax. But everyone is different.

Use your time wisely and be disciplined in doing so. The five daily prayers help us keep our lives in check and order. They teach us discipline and how to manage our time. Manage your time around your salat, and you will see the results of your studies being rewarded immensely.

Likewise, you should take regular study breaks. It helps your mind to rest in between hours of work. And it can even help you study better and focus more if you take breaks.

  1. Write it down!

There are many narrations from the Holy Household on the importance of writing and the link between memory and the pen. By writing it down, taking notes, really helps in revising and studying.

The best way to make good notes for yourself is to:

  • Go through your class notes and textbooks and filter out what you need and don’t need for your exam. This will cut the content slightly.
  • Another tip, is to limit yourself to one to two pages of paper, it forces you to only write down what is absolutely necessary to remember.
  • The process of writing this will help you remember and then highlighting in colors, key phrases and will also help imprint the image in your head.


  1. “My Lord, increase me in knowledge.” (Quran 20:114)

There are many duas that you can find regarding studying, memory and knowledge. As a child, many of us would have been taught by our parents to recite the Surahs, certain chapters of the Quran, before facing something difficult like an exam.

Reciting duas and prayers before exams, will ease your stress and inshAllah help while you take your test in remembering the important content you are being tested on.

  1. Trust Allah

You need to have faith that God will help you through this difficult period.   This does not mean that you do not study and leave it all up to God to take care of you. This is a combination of first doing your best, studying hard, and making sure you are prepared.

Prayers and duas will help in remembering Allah and putting your trust in him 100%. Allah will surely help his creations when they have correct intention and have done everything in their capability to be prepared.

I hope these tips helped you all and gave you some insight on how to get organized for this exam season! Study hard!

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