5 Tips to Help You through a Difficult Phase

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Difficult phases are a part of our lives. We all go through it and at times like these we need something to hold on to. Most of the people don’t know how to react during the difficult phase in their lives, thus they end up feeling miserable.

So I’d love to share a few experiences that help me when I am going through a difficult phase.

#1 Cry To Allah! It Will Only Make You Stronger

If you have strong faith in Allah and if you pray with complete trust and speak about your problems to Allah you will be able to witness His presence in your life. Allah is closer to us than our jugular vein so how will He not respond to your call for help. No matter how many people you share your problem with, you will only be able to get out of it until Allah Wills. So cry to Allah for help and trust Him.

#2 Become Solution Focused

Most of the times when we share about our problems it is mostly to whine about the tough times we are going through. There is nothing wrong in ranting about your problems once in a while because it will make you feel good. But don’t just speak about an issue to whine and cry but rather speak about it to come to a solution. Instead of saying to yourself, ‘Damn I am in such a big mess,’ ask yourself, ‘So what can I do now?’

#3 Believe That It Will Pass Soon

When Allah sends your way a trial it is only for a short time. There is this Hadith:

If Allah intends good for someone, then He afflicts him with trials. (Sahih Bukhari 5321)

So each time you are going through a difficult phase remind yourself of this Hadith because after every rain there is sunshine and after each night comes the day.

#4 Give Yourself A Break

Take some time off from thinking about your problems. Focus on things that will make you happy. It could be painting, hanging out with friends or spending a quiet time in the park. Sometimes solution to a problem strikes when we are least bothered about it. Also, to make yourself feel calm, recite verses from the Qur’an.

#5 Take Some Time Off To Care For Yourself

When we are going through a tough time we focus so much on the negatives that we stop taking care of ourselves. We don’t put enough effort in dressing up, we don’t eat food that may make us feel good and we feel that, because we are going through a tough time we shouldn’t be having a good time. But this is where most people go wrong. The less you take care of yourself the worse you will feel. You should know that no matter what, happiness comes from within. It is your thoughts that will keep you happy no matter what you are going through. So when you are having problems in life, tell yourself, ‘I deserve to be happy and I will do whatever I can to make myself feel good.’

Be grateful to Allah and Allah will give you more.

I really pray that may all my Muslim brothers and sisters be blessed with prosperous days and may their problems be resolved as soon as possible. Aameen.

5 Tips to Help You through a Difficult Phase

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  • Hend Abuauf

    These tips are very helpful, jazaki Allahu Khairan

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